Best Work from Home Tools to Enhance Productivity

Best Work from Home Tools to Enhance Productivity

The notion of telecommuting has acquired substantial momentum in recent times. Many individuals now work remotely, enjoying enhanced freedom, self-governance, and reduced expenses. Nonetheless, remote work does present certain obstacles, including feelings of isolation, communication difficulties, time mismanagement, and reduced productivity. According to ExpressVPN remote work study, a significant number of remote employees lose approximately 1,400 working hours annually.

To effectively address these challenges and optimize the remote work experience, it is crucial to possess the appropriate tools. Drawing from my experience as a remote worker, I have identified several valuable tools that encompass collaboration, communication, and management.

Top 6 Tools for Remote Workers


Virtual meetings through video calls became inevitable in 2020 due to the global health crisis and they will stay in the post-pandemic world, according to Forbes. We all became quite acquainted with a popular video conferencing tool called Zoom. However, I must say that every encounter I've had with it has been impressive from a technical standpoint.

The video resolution is remarkably high, allows easy call recording, and offers various additional advantages, such as the ability to host webinars. Although many of us may experience fatigue from using Zoom, it is perhaps because of its exceptional performance.

I have also had prior experience with Google Meet, which has been a bit inconsistent. Its performance varies, sometimes functioning well and at other times encountering issues. Feel free to give it a try (they offer a free plan). If you're seeking alternatives, consider using Slack's video calling feature, Skype, or explore Google Meet (although the reliability may differ).


Tracking time can be beneficial for assessing team productivity and anticipating employee requirements. Toggl Track is a software that allows teams to monitor and report on their work hours. Its purpose is to assist in managing billable hours, enhancing productivity, and facilitating the exchange of valuable information. Toggl's user-friendly platform enables employees to initiate time tracking effortlessly, even before assigning specific tasks.

Toggl enhances the process of tracking and managing time by:

  • Offering a user-friendly interface that is compatible with all devices
  • Providing comprehensive reports that analyze performance from both a detailed and high-level perspective
  • Enhancing invoicing precision and ensuring fair compensation for your work


Experience seamless expense management with this advanced software solution that streamlines expense reporting, reconciling corporate cards, tracking mileage, and managing per diems. Say goodbye to the frustrations of the past as this tool effortlessly handles real-time expense management on your existing cards. Businesses can now enjoy hassle-free reconciliations and efficient spending management without the need to switch cards.

Fyle’s comprehensive features include effortless expense tracking, streamlined compliance, and smooth integration with popular accounting software programs.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a convenient hub for teams to exchange and work on various files such as Word Documents, slideshows, and Excel spreadsheets. Its versatility extends to mobile devices, enabling effortless collaboration and positioning it as a vital tool for remote work.

Moreover, a tailored edition of Google Drive caters to businesses handling substantial quantities of data and resources. To safeguard privacy, the platform incorporates customizable privacy settings. Thus, ensuring that only authorized individuals who have been granted editing permissions can access the shared documents.


Trello proves to be an excellent choice for small groups or individuals seeking a straightforward project management solution. This particular tool stands out as an uncomplicated option in the realm of remote work tools. In fact, its foundation lies in the Kanban board approach, a project management technique pioneered by an industrial engineer back in the 1940s.

Trello employs cards as its fundamental units, allowing users to arrange them into distinct stages on the board. Additionally, users have the option to assign colors, affix images or files to the cards, and extend invitations to team members, fostering a collaborative and engaging environment.


Acknowledgment plays a vital role in inspiring employees to deliver their utmost performance. Nevertheless, honoring exceptional individuals within a remote team presents a greater challenge.

Assembly stands as an innovative workflow automation platform, prioritizing employee recognition and fostering team cohesion. Furthermore, this powerful tool facilitates the commemoration of employee achievements, enables the nomination of outstanding performers, and provides incentives to keep motivation high.

Assembly enhances remote team productivity through the following features:

  • Facilitating the organization of your daily and weekly schedules, providing structure to your workday.
  • Encouraging recognition of employee accomplishments through public acknowledgments.
  • Providing a seamless way to offer rewards from a wide selection of over 600 options.

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