Why Should You Be Aware Of Data Centre Colocation Security?

Why Should You Aware Of Data Centre Colocation Security?

Data centre security refers to the measures, policies, technologies and practices in place to protect the virtual and physical aspects of the facility. It stores the essential data and systems a company requires for various operations. In this regard, you ought to know the importance of data centre colocation security to keep your colocation facility secure.

Moreover, typical data centres house sensitive and proprietary information, including customer data, financial records, and intellectual property. The data ought to be safe digitally after.

Providers offering robust security facilities, such as 4D Data Centres’ colocation facilities, offer physical and biometric security, 24/7 SIA qualified security, automatic fire suppression systems, and private VLANs for network traffic.

What is Colocation Data Centre Security?

By colocation data centre security, we refer to the layout of measures, practices technologies and policies implemented to safeguard the network systems and physical infrastructure of the colocation data centre from internal and external breaches.

Data centre protection is enforced by filtering, restricting, and managing accesses. It allows only authorised access to the IT systems and critical infrastructure to eliminate breaches. If you're based in Australia, you can find highly secure data centres available with Macquarie Data Centres.

Securing the colocation data centre includes setting up rules and managing them to accomplish a goal. Below are the reasons to be aware and why you need data centre colocation security:

Security Surveillance Systems

Without proper surveillance, almost anyone can walk into your data centre and escape with a disk containing your company’s critical and confidential data. Therefore, you need to choose the services of a colocation data centre or colocation company, which offers unparalleled security and surveillance at its facility through the most advanced cameras and identification devices like retina reading gadgets, biometric systems, etc. that can prevent any kind of physical trespassing. Here, a reputable data centre like “Dataknox” can be a great choice, if you’re looking to rent a rack space for housing your server and get adequate security cover, 24/7.

Fortunately, one of the trends in modern data centre colocation is improved security measures. For instance, some service providers keep a record of personnel that access and exit the facility. Unauthorised access is also restricted to keep the data secure.

Surveillance cameras are installed and human personnel are stationed to ensure no optimum facility security.

Multi-Factor Identification

A typical colocation data centre is encouraged to practice the zero-trust policy. When your company incorporates multi-factor authentication for logical security procedures, it boosts data safety.

Make sure that every access point uses the multi-factor forms of identification to filter unauthorised accesses. The security systems should also be capable of detecting and alerting security personnel of breaches.

Safeguarding the data centre can be better if the security personnel are knowledgeable of the security protocols. The detecting AIs should also be designed to learn new information.

RFID Tagging

Although archiving camera footage and stationing security personnel at the data centre is vital, it does not guarantee safety. An attacker can always bypass the security measures to access the facility and get away with it.

However, RFID tagging at colocation data centres can manage and track assets in real-time. It uses robust business intelligence software to achieve the aim. When a data centre asset is moved or tampered, tags alert the personnel to respond immediately.

Robust Data Protection

Taking security away from a data centre exposes it to data threats. Upon the debut of the colocation data centre, data protection seemed hectic. However, advanced models protect and store data effectively.

For example, the stored data is encrypted during transfer and is continuously monitored. Scheduled and manual backups are equally set up against data loss.

Moreover, today’s UK colocation data centre security measures adopt the latest trends, tech and practices for advanced data protection. Most service providers educate customers on security trends and the latest breaches via emails and suggest stronger passwords. There are also accessible resources with recommendations for the best data protection policies.

Security Cost Reduction

It is crucial to take security protocols for fixes after a data breach. However, implementing fixes is expensive, especially for small businesses. It also costs the integrity of the company.

According to Statista, following their respondents, UK businesses invested an average of £5,100 in cybersecurity in 2019. While large businesses invested £277,000 on the average, small businesses invested £3,490.

By implementing a secure colocation data centre policy, your business saves cost. Moreover, modern colo hosting aids cost management.

Efficient Biometric Tech

Biometric technology is one of the modern trends in colo data centre security standards. It ensures a secure identification of personnel using unique physical features, including retina shape, voice pattern, thumbprint, and footprint.

Customers can configure biometric technology options suitable for the organisation or request the provider’s assistance.

Biometric tech is one of the multi-factor authentication options and can be set up as extra layer security after inputting the password.

100% Security Uptime

While security personnel may lose sight to fatigue, the data centre security systems remain active 24/7. When there is a security breach, the alarm systems notify personnel to act fast and restore normalcy.

In hazardous areas, surveillance cameras can be positioned to capture every moment tirelessly.

Final Thoughts

While depending on the brilliance of virtual data centre security technology, physical measures continue to evolve for effectiveness.

Moreover, customers should request and review the overview of the logical and physical security practices by their provider’s security certifications. This procedure is vital to understand how your company’s data is protected.

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