Are social media automation tools the same as bots?

bots and social media automation

Bots have been around for a while but are increasingly active on social media, which can be both beneficial and harmful. New automation tools in social media are transforming the world of digital marketing. However, some people maintain that these tools are nothing more than bots. Is this the case? Find out more below. 

What is social media automation?    

What exactly is social media automation? It’s something we’re hearing a lot more of these days, but it can be difficult to understand. Social media automation refers to using tools and software to automate various social media actions and tasks.   

For instance, they can be used as scheduling tools to allow users to plan out social media content and post it at optimal times without manual effort. Another example of what they can be used for is that some tools can auto-reply to comments, messages, etc. using preset responses to save time spent responding to regularly asked questions. If a user needs any additional information, they can reach out and receive a fuller response from a member of your social media team. 

Another example of how social media automation can be used is for analytics. Automation tools can provide automated insights into how posts and campaigns are performing. This means you don’t have to trawl through reports and data manually. Additionally, these social media automation tools are highly accurate and reduce the risk of human error. 

The main benefit of social media automation is it saves significant time and effort vs. manual posting and managing. However, experts warn that relying too much on automation can make social media engagement impersonal. The ideal approach is a balance of automation with human oversight and involvement for the best of both worlds. 

What are bots?   

Bots are software applications that are used to run automated tasks over the internet. They can perform repetitive tasks automatically without human intervention. They follow programmed rules and algorithms to perform tasks, rather than manual human control. Bots or chatbots can operate at much higher speeds and volumes than human users, allowing them to scale tasks massively and they are used widely by spammers and scammers, which has given them a negative reputation. 

Social media bots are automated programs used to engage specifically on social media platforms. While they have many practical uses, social media bots are commonly used for nefarious purposes. They can give an account lots of likes, comments, and followers and can even be used to share fake news and conspiracy theories. 

The difference between bots and social media automation tools

On the surface, automation tools and bots appear similar. However, there are important differences between the two. Automation tools follow rules set by humans, while bots tend to follow algorithms. This means there is more control over automation tools and they are more easy to adapt to suit different needs. 

The best way to think about the difference between automation tools and bots is that automation tools help humans, while bots are designed to replace them. 

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