How to Get Proxies for Bots?

Get Proxies for Bots

Using bots these days goes hand-in-hand with using proxies. It’s well known that as much as bots make up a huge share of internet traffic. In fact, they are in a constant fight for their existence. Many use bots for improving speed and boosting efficiency, however, it doesn’t pay off if bots must always deal with captchas and blocks. This is because these minimize their level of usage to the point that it becomes worthless.

Hence, employing supplements to your automation software seems inevitable if you want to continue using them. Proxies for bots are most widely used here. Especially, in sneaker copping where no one can take a step without using bots to land the desired sneakers before their competitors.

So, how can you get the best proxies for your needs?

Look for specialized proxies

Bots have various purposes on different platforms online. If you want to find the best proxies that would fit with your bots. First, consider your goals on a particular site and look for special or custom proxies.

Proxies, however, are often for many general purposes, which include bots. Many businesses that offer proxy servers usually are selling several types of them. But, you don’t have to pay too much attention to those specific niches.

Others, however, differentiate between distinct fields of activity where their proxies are useable. Or they may sell proxies only for certain activities.

For instance, you can find companies that specialize in providing proxies for sneaker copping. By extension, you can find proxies for bots that are used in sneaker copping.

If you are engaging in buying sneakers with bots and you need proxies there, the first thing you must do is look for a proxy provider that specializes in this specific area. They will know best how to enhance your performance. Thus, ensure the full protection of your bots better than any other provider.

Pick the type

Multiple types of proxies can be found across the market. You need to focus your attention on those proxies that fit your interests best.

The major distinction here is between the datacenter and residential proxies. They both do the same. The main goal of a proxy server is to mediate your traffic online in a way that would make your browsing anonymous. A proxy changes your IP address and uses its own instead. Any request that you send is seen by the target servers as coming from different IP addresses. Thus, making the site unable to track, identify, and block.

Datacenter proxies are cheaper and faster, while residential proxies are safer and can cover more geo-locations.

If you are using bots for improving your speed, it might seem that the datacenter proxy is always better for bots because of its speed. However, if geo-targeting is important in your business, and you are seeking to unlock different merchandise, prices, or information that is unavailable in your country, residential proxies can be of more use.

Moreover, bots are something that websites are keen to block. It means that more legitimacy is the key feature that you might want to seek for protecting your automation software. Residential proxies use IP addresses from real physical devices in different locations. They are way harder to detect than their datacenter counterparts.

The credibility of a provider

You must take into account the way a provider that you are considering contacting is seen among different users and throughout the online community in general. If you find too many bad reviews, that’s the first sign that you might want to keep looking and don’t stop there.

Free proxies can be found throughout the internet. At first, you might see a good opportunity to enhance your bots without paying additional fees. However, most free proxies are not safe. Therefore, you shouldn’t trust them unless their provider sells a high-quality service and offers free proxies for limited use as a tryout of their product.


If you are trying to access geo-restricted content, you must look for proxies that will help your bots to get through regional borders. After all, these exist not only in the physical world but in the virtual world as well.

Usually, residential proxies are better here because they can provide many more IP addresses and cover more geo-locations.

Whichever you decide to choose, you must make sure that your needs will be met. Especially, if specific locations are significant to you. For instance, if you are using sneaker servers for your sneaker bots, you must seek proxies that would indicate the same country where those servers are located. Only this way you will get the best speed of those servers and will maximize your use.

Choose the best settings for a proxy

Finally, you must find out whether your proxy provider allows you to customize your proxy usage.

For instance, if you can rotate your new IP addresses over time or if they rotate automatically. That’s extremely important for bots because if they stay with the same IP address for a long while, their inhuman speed and number of requests will be noticed. Their IP address must change for them to stay unidentified.

Another notable feature is whether the IP address that you use from a proxy is shared or dedicated. You should avoid shared proxies because your bots already have suspicious traffic that must be disguised.

If someone else works at the same time under the same IP address as your bot, it will be easier to attract the dangerous attention of someone who looks to ban the IP address based on its suspicious activity.


In summary, the best proxies for bots can be found based on their specialization, type, how trustworthy the provider is, and what specific settings can be used. The most important thing is to know the differences between types of proxies and what they can be used for based on that.

You will not miss if you find someone who sells specialized proxies that fit your interests best. They'll be able to provide protection for this specific field of activity that you are working in.

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