Apartment Rental Marketing Strategies From the Experts

Finding a tenant for your apartment is not always an easy task. Whether you are attracting the wrong tenants or none at all, it's a problem. If your rental is vacant, then you may be doing something wrong. Your rent or security deposit may be too high or your current or past tenants may be the problem. It may also be because of your superintendent or property manager. Or perhaps, a tough screening process, undesirable apartment features, or of course, inefficient marketing. Marketing is the first and most important aspect of finding tenants for your apartment. If you are not getting potential tenants or any that are up to your qualifying standards, then it is time that you review your rental marketing strategy. On that note, here are apartment rental marketing strategies from the experts.

Apartment Rental Marketing Strategies From the Experts


Investing in good photography can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make when it comes to marketing. Apartment photographers are invaluable resources. This is because they are trained to make the most attractive features of the apartment become the main focus. They know when to shoot, the role of lighting in highlighting certain features, and giving depth to others. They may focus on certain areas you don't think of, and can get the best shots out of an ordinary apartment. Most people respond best to visual presentation. Meaning they are likely to be drawn in by visual aesthetics. They need to see your apartment in its most attractive setting to begin envisioning their lives in it.

Prepare an inclusive shot list that you can give your photographer. Experts suggest that you have four or five pictures of the exterior of the building, two to three scenic or panoramic pictures, three to four creative or intriguing images, eight to ten interior shots, including images of the bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, living room, patios, closets, and any other areas. In addition to that, you’ll need images of all apartment amenities and appliances, including dishwashers, air conditioners, televisions, dryers, washing machines. Additionally, include images of features that you believe may be unique selling points. You can ask the photographer to touch up the images if need be and make sure that you have digital and print versions of them.


Pairing awesome images with copywriting can do wonders for your rental marketing strategies. Find a copywriter who can help you communicate a desirable message to prospective renters. With attractive headlines, captivating descriptions, and a persuasive call to action, you will find a renter in no time. Make sure that your copywriter has experience in real estate and is professional. It is crucial that your copy is professional and error-free. Some copywriters are very clever at selecting the right words and grouping them together to make the text interesting yet straight to the point. However, grammar may not be their strongest suit. The wording is important, but grammar is too. Grammatical mistakes can make your business seem less than competent and unprofessional.

You can also hire copywriters to review the web content and marketing materials that you offer. You can ask them to proofread and edit your text to find a better way to communicate the message to potential clients. Use free online grammar tools to check the accuracy of the text to ensure that the writer is competent.


The key to marketing any type of business is consistency. Without consistency, your business will be forgotten, regardless of the industry. Many businesses across all industries are starting to realize the importance of marketing and are actively coming up with new strategies. Thereby allowing them to dominate their market. If you are not consistent, you will disappear, especially since the market is highly saturated. In Dallas for instance, you need to make sure that people in your local area can spot your ads from miles away. They should be able to recognize them as soon as they come across them. This way, whenever they are looking to rent luxury apartments in North Dallas, you’ll be at the top of their minds.

For this to work, you must establish a brand identity. You should unify all your colors, fonts, logos, shapes, symbols, and writing and photography styles to become as recognizable as possible. If you are limited to a certain area or community, establish a culture or obtain an attitude that is similar to theirs. This can be eminent in the way you communicate with others, the symbols you use, your business’ name, and your values. This allows you to become relatable to the people of the area. Over time, your business can become a community representative or an authority within the area.

Your Logo

Becoming easy to spot, recognizable, consistent, and a relatable member of the community can all be combined in one element: your logo. Your logo should be simple and should trigger a memory, a feeling, or some sort of reaction. People should easily be able to associate your logo with your business and the area that you’re operating within. Make sure that you use this logo across all media platforms for business. When designing a logo, ensure that it’s not too complex and that it doesn't have an odd shape. Also, make sure the lines are clean so that you can easily apply it to different marketing materials.

Call-To-Action Button

The importance of having a call-to-action button on your website or chosen platform is crucial. Even if you have the best material out there, you are still not operating efficiently if you are missing this one element. A call-to-action is what tells your clients what you want them to do. Along with your contact information, create a clickable button that says “Check Availability,” or “Schedule a Tour.” This prevents potential clients from making a mental note, that they will most certainly forget about, regarding your listing.  Also, if you live somewhere in Florida, you should contact people who work from Florida property management to make sure you're in the right location that you interact with.

Rental Marketing Strategies

Finding tenants for your listing is not an easy thing to do. If you are wondering why you aren’t attracting the right clients or any clients at all, then you need to re-evaluate your rental marketing strategies. With the right marketing strategy, you can make your listings stand-out in no time.

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