4 Tips You Shouldn’t Miss For Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing

In the era where every business is trying to grab a major share in the market, the digital marketplace has its own significance.

Digital marketing is not just a tool, but a whole range of practices that help grow awareness amongst the audience.

There are a number of ways that any business can exploit to grow there presence online. From email marketing to Google Adwords, all of these digital platforms are created to help businesses reach their suitable customer base.

Out of these, one of the most significant and highly profitable strategies is influencer marketing. With promising long-term returns, influencer marketing is gaining huge popularity amongst marketing individuals.

So…What Is Influencer Marketing?

Just as there are celebrities and models that promote a brand on radio and television, influencers help promote small and medium businesses on the internet. In simple terms, it is the practice of leveraging online users by connecting with online influencers and bloggers.

These bloggers can influence buying decisions for their users and readers. Therefore, the reference term- influencer marketing.

How Does It Benefit Your Business?

Having the right blogger, or rather influencer, educate users that can potentially be converted into customers, can help spread the awareness about your brand. Thus, it helps grow your business as a brand.

Through influencer marketing, your business can generate more leads. And these leads can be converted to generate more revenue and thus higher profits for your business. Portlynn Hart from says that surprisingly, almost 50% of consumers now rely on recommendations by influencers when purchasing a product.

Having said that, it is important to understand that not just any blogger can help your business. By now, you must have understood why influencer marketing is beneficial for your business. And when it comes to hiring the right influencer, you need to consider a little more than just their authority.

Here are a few tips, that you should not miss when considering influencer marketing for your business.

  1. Specify Your Goals

Clearly demarcated goals can make a lot of difference to the overall success of your marketing strategy. The very first step is to identify how do you wish to reach your audience.

Of course, you wish to reach your audience through influencers, but there’s a catch. You need to identify the platforms where you can hope for maximum conversion. For example, you can choose from social media influencers such as TikTok Stars or Instagram bloggers. Once you have the right platform in the mind, you need to set your objective for the campaign.

What do you wish to achieve out of your marketing campaign? Is it brand awareness, or is it audience engagement, or is it about generating leads? Whatever be your objective, you need to set KPIs to these parameters. For example, you can set a target number of views that you wish to achieve in a month or two. This would help you track the progress of your campaign.

  1. What’s Your Target Audience?

Once you’ve set your goals, its time you decide the group of audience you wish to target. It’s important that you develop a close enough buyer persona of the actual customer. For example, if your products include toys and mechanical tools for kids, you must specify the age group first. Then heading on to identifying the region, gender, and income of your potential customers.

Having a clear picture of your target audience can help you identify the bloggers who have a sizeable audience resembling your target audience. If the aforementioned example is to be quoted, it is not the children who’d purchase your products, rather their parents. So, you need to target the parents who have children in the same age group and gender pool. Furthermore, it is the income of the parents that you need to consider.

A careful analysis of the user data of your prospective influencer can help identify all of these metrics.

  1. Identify The Source of Your Audience

A specific platform can only serve a specific group of audience. And these specifications are controlled by the interests of the audience. For example, users that belong to the millennial age group can easily be engaged on facebook, whereas, the teenagers are more active on Instagram and Snapchat.

When you identify your target audience you also need to identify the source of this audience. It is important to understand since the influencers that you’d be partnering up with must also come from the same source. For example, an influencer that controls a sizable audience on Youtube, may not necessarily hold equivalent authority on facebook.

Nevertheless, there are multi-faceted influencers, as well. In other words, when you sort out the list of bloggers to be outreached, you should identify the ones that are active on more than one platform. And assess the authority on cumulative terms.

  1. Create Content For Your Audience

An integral part of influencer marketing is the content that you create. No user would engage with a piece of content that does not serve any purpose. In other words, you need to create content that actually converts your audience to buyers.

To understand “how” you need to study the interests of your audience. Creating the content that does not promote your brand as such but educates or promotes your products and services would be a wise strategy.

Keep the reader at the center of your content, and try to spread awareness about your business. It has been observed that buyers tend to remember brands only when they can associate it with something feasible. And your products and services can serve the same. Additionally, you can ask your prospects to give their valuable creative inputs. Since, they more than anyone else, know what their audience likes.

BONUS” Forge Long-Term Association

When you partner up with an influencer, you would need them to promote your business more than just once. It is noteworthy that one time partnerships can provide your website with referral traffic and quality link juice, but long-term associations can bring in repetitive customers. Therefore, creating a loyal customer base for your business.

Finding the right influencer to promote your business or your brand is easier said than done. But with consistent efforts and clear-minded objectives, you can build yourself a legacy for your generations to come.

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