9 Best Business Phone Systems In 2024

9 Best Business Phone Systems In 2024

You already decided you want to save money, streamline your communication system, increase the speed of your calls, and track them too. But now the big question is which is the best virtual business phone system that will make 2024 the best year for my customers, and my business, of course.

With VoIP technology transforming communication as we know it, the options and features can be overwhelming. According to a 2022 report by FinancesOnline, 62% of customers prefer to chat with a customer service representative over the phone.

This article will guide you through 9 top-notch business phone systems in 2024, offering cost-effective solutions to streamline operations. Ready to ramp up your communication game? Let's dive right in!

Top Business Phone Systems in 2024

Explore the best business phone systems in 2024 - from Nextiva's top-rated service to Avaya's high-quality features, including OpenPhone, Ooma, and many more.


Nextiva stands as a robust contender among the top business phone systems in 2024. This cloud-based service provider has something for each business, regardless of the size or complexity of operations.

It emerged as the best business phone system in 2023-24 according to U.S News, thanks to its versatile features and cost-effectiveness.

The platform is well-suited for remote teams, offering unified communications across devices. Nextiva integrates text messaging solutions with its VoIP phone systems enabling seamless connectivity.

The service extends beyond telephony; it provides team collaboration software that enhances productivity in your professional settings. Its desktop and mobile app are user-friendly, making it easy for even non-tech-savvy individuals to navigate through effortlessly.

With Nextiva, quality communication stays at your fingertips no matter where you are located.


OpenPhone stands out in 2024 as a top virtual phone system for small businesses. It's not just a mere communication tool; it's an advanced VoIP system designed to minimize business interruptions and offer an array of customizable settings.

Users can enjoy unlimited, free calls and texts within the US and Canada from any device—personal computer or mobile phone. The flexibility goes beyond borders! If that wasn't enough, OpenPhone also boasts features such as business texting options and call recording capabilities, ensuring no important interaction falls through the cracks.


Ooma shines in virtual phone systems for businesses, gaining recognition as the Best Business VoIP Phone Service by PCMag readers five years in a row. This prestigious award reflects its commitment to delivering top-notch communications services and related products.

Not just within the U.S., Ooma has also extended its high-quality offerings to Canada. Matching up well with competitors, Ooma's VoIP phone system boasts an impressive range of features that meet diverse business needs.

The company reported robust results in the Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2018, highlighting its resilience and consistent growth trajectory despite changing market dynamics.


Grasshopper stands out in the competitive world of business phone systems, making it a prime choice for businesses. With its comprehensive features such as customized greetings, extensions, and call-handling functionalities, it offers value at a low cost.

It's designed with integration capabilities allowing smooth interactions with other platforms. Businesses choose Grasshopper not just because of its economical pricing options but also for the positive customer experience it delivers.

This versatile solution makes waves in the small business sector by offering quality service ready to scale up as your enterprise grows.


Sideline stands as a powerful contender in the list of top business phone systems for 2024. It brings modern alternatives to landlines and traditional communication methods right to your fingertips, facilitating smooth remote conversations.

Businesses choose Sideline for its outstanding user experience and cost-effective cloud-based telephony solutions.

This system thrives in the ever-growing necessity of digital transformations within businesses, offering Internet-based phone systems that can adapt and scale according to varying business needs.

This quality enhances overall customer satisfaction, marking Sideline not just as another technological tool but as a key driver of innovation in IT for businesses. From small start-ups to large corporations, Sideline benefits all sizes and types of businesses.


Aircall remains at the forefront of top business phone systems in 2024, highly valued for its robust and reliable service. Its virtual call center provides a unified solution that simplifies business communications.

Boasting an impressive rating, Aircall's commitment to quality audio conversations ensures clarity during client interactions. Modern features make it easy to manage calls, turning it into one of the best choices for small businesses this year.

The platform also supplies unique business phone numbers akin to softphones, enabling seamless communication without traditional hardware.

With Aircall’s VoIP system, IT involvement is sharply reduced – facilitating a more self-reliant work environment for teams. It strips away complexity and delivers what you need: efficient, user-friendly, and scalable communication tools built precisely for today's dynamic business landscape.


As a top business phone system in 2024, 8x8 will revolutionize how teams connect globally. This advanced virtual phone system not only reduces hardware and service costs but also provides enhanced communication options for small businesses.

With its customizable solutions, businesses can streamline their communications like never before. Moreover, it's more than just a simple phone call; it's a platform that fuels team collaboration and improves efficiency at every level.

From cost-effective business practices to global team connectivity, 8x8 stands as a promising figure among the best virtual communication systems of our time.

GoTo Connect

GoTo Connect places a world of virtual communication solutions at your fingertips. It weaves voice, video, and chat messaging into one cloud-based platform. You can use it with over 180 desk phone models—no need to worry about compatibility problems here! Calls go where you want them to as the dial plan feature lets you customize call routing and forwarding.

Additionally, if you're shifting from a traditional system to GoTo Connect, the service ports your existing numbers for a smooth transition. Workers appreciate the flexibility it offers with remote work solutions like virtual receptionists and voicemails.

Businesses large and small find value in its toll-free number availability and robust phone/video conferencing capabilities. Plus, it also acts as an all-in-one platform for producing hybrid webinars—an extra perk that sets GoTo Connect apart in 2024's top-rated business phone systems.


Avaya is well-known for its top-tier virtual phone systems, earning a spot on the 2024 list. This robust platform has made significant strides in the Hosted PBX market throughout 2023.

As an integral player alongside giants like AT&T, BT Group, and Cisco Systems, it shows a promising global presence.

Furthermore, the company stands out because it focuses on small business phone systems planned for 2024. Avaya recently reported impressive financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year of 2021.

Its contributions also enable digital evolution by playing a vital role in shifting towards an entirely virtual visual campus by 2024.

Choosing the Right Virtual Phone System For Your Business

Making the right choice for your business's virtual phone system involves evaluating important factors like cost, security, and standout features. Look into flexibility and scalability—these systems can evolve with your growing company.

If you run a small operation or solo venture, we'll guide you to top-rated options tailored to your needs. Catch more insights in our detailed discussion on this topic!

Cost, Reliability, and Security

Investing in a virtual phone system calls for carefully evaluating several key areas. The cost is often the first consideration, with pricing structures and additional fee assessments varying from one provider to another.

Look for dependable systems that offer stability and consistent service across multiple devices. After all, security measures such as end-to-end encryption should be standard to protect your business's sensitive information.

Finally, analyze the features offered - consider essentials like call management functions, messaging services, voicemail capabilities, and automated answering options.

Making these considerations will pave the way towards finding an efficient virtual phone solution that meets your business needs perfectly.

Flexibility and Scalability

Flexibility and scalability in a business phone systems are critical for your business. This adaptability allows users to manage calls remotely, an ideal feature if your workforce is widespread or frequently on the move.

Futhermore, scalability means the system can grow with your company, expanding capabilities as needed. Whether it's traditional PBX systems that connect via copper wires through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN) or VoIP systems utilizing internet connectivity, both offer you varying degrees of versatility and growth potential.

Therefore, when selecting the right virtual phone system for your enterprise, considering these factors ensures you're investing in a solution that will meet today's needs while being ready for future demands.


Choosing a top business phone system in 2024 could significantly transform business communication. VoIP technologies promise unrivaled features and flexibility, while also providing potential cost savings.

As technology continues to evolve, it's crucial to invest wisely and pick the best-fit solution for your specific business needs. This ensures you stay ahead of trends and are equipped with the most efficient communication tools.

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