7 Proven Airbnb SEO Tips to Grow Your Vacation Rentals Business

7 Proven Airbnb SEO Tips to Grow Your Vacation Rentals Business

Search Engine Optimization has become one of the most effective marketing strategies for vacation rentals. You can utilize various Airbnb SEO principles to increase your traffic, reach, and revenue. Because this particular industry is rapidly evolving, it is vital to keep up with trends to get to the top. Although this does require some time, effort, and patience, once you learn how to do it, you will save yourself a lot of headaches. If you’d like to learn how to promote vacation rental properties effectively, then make sure to check out our Airbnb tips below.

1. Have a Complete Profile & Detailed Listings

Having a completed profile, as well as listings, is imperative for a successful Airbnb SEO strategy. The reasoning behind that is simple. Having a complete and detailed profile means that the host has nothing to hide. Trustworthiness is the key to having a steady customer base because there were many instances where malicious hosts tricked their guests.  Make sure to include the following information:

  • Personal details about yourself (interests, general info, hobbies)
  • Include popular keywords on both your profile and listings page
  • Thoroughly list all amenities and other important details
  • If something is broken or damaged, make sure to note it

2. Increase Your Response Rate

The Airbnb algorithm is wired in a way to promote hosts and listings that have a high response rate. That means that, if you respond to guest inquiries regularly and timely, your Airbnb SEO ranking will improve. An important thing to note is that the response rate is calculated by counting the percentage of replies that are made within 24 hours. So, failing to respond to inquiries within 24 hours might harm your response rate. However, we also understand that responding to a large number of inquiries can be very tiring and time-consuming. Luckily, you can utilize different automation tools to handle the work for you.

3. Get Positive Reviews

 Having as many positive reviews as possible should be an essential part of your Airbnb marketing strategy. Not only will it attract more guests, but it will also help with ranking higher in Airbnb’s algorithm. Building your reputation on the platform is very important. So, you should always email your customers after their stay, and ask them to leave a review. If you have a lot of good reviews, negative reviews won’t affect your overall ranking. However, if you’re newer to the platform, you should perhaps ask for feedback first. Then, if the input sounds promising, ask for a review. If it seems negative, just skip out on that one. 

4. Enable Instant Book

Instant book is a handy option that enables guests to book a listing on the spot. Although it might seem dubious to allow guests to book your vacation rental without any vetting, the chances are that nothing bad will happen. You also choose to enable instant book only for customers that have submitted their ID. Guests are often in a hurry to book their favorite rental, so enabling this option will directly impact your bookings and search results. Moreover, Airbnb tends to promote listings that have a higher chance of being booked.

5. Frequently Update Your Calendar & Pricing

Updating your calendar and pricing regularly should be a part of every Airbnb SEO strategy. As we have touched on before, being active on the platform puts you in good graces with Airbnb’s algorithm. By frequently updating everything, you will ensure that your listing is always on the top. Plus, if you don’t update your calendar, you are risking losing a potential booking. You can always utilize vacation rental software solutions to automate these processes. Consider purchasing a dynamic pricing solution too.  

6. Use Social Media

Utilizing social media is one of the best Airbnb SEO marketing strategies for vacation rentals promotion. Social media has huge coverage and reach. You shouldn’t limit yourself to only one platform. Instead, make great use out of other websites, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. That way, you are expanding your potential customer base way beyond its original reach. Post images, videos, and other appealing media to inspire others to book or share.

7. Include High-Quality Photos

Every good host knows that photos can make or break your listing’s popularity. Having professional photos is important because it helps the customer visualize your place. We recommend hiring a professional photographer because they know how to work the angles and make the place even more appealing than it actually is. Also, focus on photographing exciting and unique accents and amenities – customers love inspiring details.

Applying basic search engine optimization principles will definitely improve Airbnb SEO value of your listing. Although it might seem difficult at first, once you learn the ropes, Airbnb SEO will become a breeze. If you’d like to ensure that your occupancy rate is through the roof, then make sure to apply these vacation rental marketing tips. Have fun!


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