6 Reasons Why SEO Tools Are Indispensable

6 Reasons Why SEO Tools Are Indispensable


As the Internet continues to grow in size and complexity, the practice of search engine optimization (SEO) has to keep up with this rapid change. Whether it’s updates to Google’s Search algorithm or the dominance of the increasingly ubiquitous social media, SEO is no longer something that can be effectively executed via manual processes.

This has precipitated the rise of a wide range of SEO tools that seek to automate digital marketing campaigns. The following is a more detailed look at why SEO tools are so vital if you want your internet marketing effort to deliver the desired impact.

  • Automating Repetitive Tasks

Repetitive tasks are often a ripe area for errors. Since the person performing the task is so used to doing it, the routine eventually becomes a boring and mundane activity that is carried out with little thought.

An example of a repetitive SEO task is checking for broken links on your web pages every week. If your website is large and with numerous links, conducting this inspection manually could take you days or weeks. With an automated site audit SEO tool, finding broken links may be possible in just a couple of seconds.

  • Focus on Analysis and Optimization

SEO is not something you do once and forget about for good. The world wide web is dynamic and experiences new trends every so often. In addition, you have to regularly check whether your existing SEO strategy is working and what, if anything, needs to change.

If your SEO work is mostly manual, the amount of time it takes to do it could rob you of the space needed to perform analysis, improvement, and optimization. SEO tools take your mind away from tactical, low-level tasks so you can concentrate on innovating process and strategy in order to have the edge over your competition.

  • Identify Hidden Opportunities

After running your company in a certain way for a while, you run the risk of getting stuck in a rut. While it may seem that you have perfected your processes and are executing your tasks quickly, such deeply established routine can make it hard to identify profitable unexploited opportunities.

SEO tools can unearth niches that you hadn’t noticed. Tools that automate competitive research can show you ideas that are working for others and could be applied to your own website.  

  • Rich Reports

You cannot really tell how effective your SEO campaign is if you do not keep track of the most important metrics. But collating, organizing, and generating reports manually is an arduous process given the volumes of data that may be involved. SEO tools simplify report preparation.

You can get a comprehensive report with the click of a few buttons. Even better, configure scheduled detailed reports that are automatically sent out daily, weekly, monthly and/or quarterly.

  • Oversee Multiple Websites

If you are a digital marketing agency or a serial internet entrepreneur who currently runs multiple websites, manually managing the SEO campaign of each site can grow increasingly difficult.

SEO tools can help you scale your digital marketing operations without expending much effort. Some even allow you to keep track of multiple websites via a single dashboard. You can pick up SEO performance issues early before they spiral out of control.

  • Outsourcing

SEO tools can provide a granular view of the overall digital marketing campaign. This makes it easier to disaggregate the SEO campaign into multiple elements. It’s likely that your in-house digital marketing team doesn’t have deep expertise in every aspect of SEO. You can, therefore, outsource some elements of the campaign to a third party that has the required depth of knowledge.

For example, your website will require quality copywriting for the content to drive conversions. Instead of having it done within your organization, this task is best handed over to a seasoned copywriting agency.

We’ve discussed the reasons for using SEO tools. At the same time, SEO tools are not created equal! They have great variation in feature and functionality. For instance, Google Search Console, Ahrefs and the newly developed (sign up for the product launch here) are all SEO tools that could be helpful to your SEO campaign. However, knowing which one to use depends on the objectives of your SEO drive.