6 Mistakes New Uber Drivers Make

It’s easy to see why so many car owners are looking at becoming Uber drivers. They already have the main thing they need — the vehicle — and with that, they’re able to begin making money. Perfect! Plus, getting set up is pretty straightforward. Indeed, once you’ve filled out the paperwork and handled a few other details, you can be on the road and making money within around ten days.

With that being said, the ease with which it’s possible to get set up does create some problems. For instance, people can think that “easy setup” equals “easy cash cow.” But that’s not the case. Time and time again, newcomer Uber drivers end up making the same old mistakes — and that can really put a dent in how much they’re able to earn and can even end up costing them money, too. In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the most common mistakes, as well as provide information on how you can overcome them.

6 Mistakes New Uber Drivers Make

Not Getting the Right Set Up

Your car will be the main thing you need to become an Uber driver. But it’s not the only thing. It’s highly recommended that you invest in some car accessories, which will both make your life easier and allow you to make more money. So what do you need? Some staples include a good GPS app (on your phone), a phone mount for your dashboard, and a car camera, which can help to protect you against potential problems.

Trying to Impress Every Customer

It’s important to remember that, above all, you’re a driver. You’re not an entertainer. While you’ll naturally have a rapport with some of your customers, who will be happy to chat with you, you don’t need to impress every customer. Some clients will just want to be taken from point A to point B. Thinking that you need to provide an entertaining experience every time you pick up a customer will eventually become challenging. More than anything, you’ll just tire yourself out. With that being said, it’s also important to remember that some customer social interaction will be required, so you should also avoid being silent the whole time.

Lack of Local Knowledge

It’s important to have some knowledge of your local area. In fact, the more you have, the better. Your GPS system will tell you precisely where you need to go, but it won’t always tell you the best way to get there. Plus, you could end up hitting traffic at some point, at which point you’ll need to think of how you’ll arrive at your destination in a timely manner. Those little shortcuts and alternative routes can really come in handy when you’re trying to make as much money as possible. The bottom line? Don’t rely on your GPS for everything.

Forgetting About Coverage

You’ll go into your Uber career full of hope and optimism. But it’s also important to remember that bad things could happen. When you’re on the road all day, you’ll be at increased risk of getting in an accident. And if you are, you’ll likely find that your personal vehicle insurance doesn’t cover the cost of the damage. Just like that, you could be out thousands of dollars. To prevent this from happening, it’s important — imperative, even — that you get rideshare insurance. With that, you’ll have peace of mind that if someone goes wrong, you’ll be covered.

Wasting Money

You won’t be driving people around for the fun of it. You’ll be doing it for the money. The goal should be to take home as much money as possible at the end of your shift. Many Uber drivers end up eating into their profits, literally, by buying snacks, drinks, and other temporary pleasures throughout their shifts. Bring a snack with you, and you’ll end up spending less money.

And talking of wasting money: it can be a good idea to look at your driving style in order to ensure that you’re getting a good MPG rate. If you’re braking and accelerating too quickly, then you’ll end up visiting the gas pump more often than you’d like.

Living for the Surge 

Uber surge prices can be great for your bottom line. But you should treat them as a bonus, not the only goal. You can never fully predict when and where surge pricing will strike. The only way to make a living through Uber driving is to commit to driving each day. The surge pricing will come your way at some point, but they’re not everything.

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