5 Top Apps For Your Business Networking Needs

5 Top Apps For Your Business Networking Needs

Whether you’re approaching a career change or looking to broaden your current career, networking is an integral part of the journey. Most of us rely on LinkedIn for our online networking, and while it’s an excellent tool there are many other apps for your business networking needs that you can use.

1 . Shapr 

Shapr has been referred to as the ‘Tinder’ of the business world. Every day this application offers up potential connections with employers, staff, recruiters, or like-minded professionals. Simply create your own business profile and then swipe to make connections. Shapr is perfect for professionals who are seeking for career changes, or entrepreneurs looking for opportunities.

2 . Invitly 

Invitly is a members only community app, which allows professionals to connect with others, for mutually beneficial opportunities. The app curates 25 profiles every day which are based on your pre-given networking objectives. One of the best things about Invitly is that there’s a ‘Professional Stories’ section. Here you can visualize your goals, tell your story, listen to other’s stories and get inspired. What are you waiting for, arm yourself with some networking tips and get swiping!

  1. Bizzabo

Bizzabo is an application for entrepreneurs and companies who like to attend or host business events. If your company often hosts events, Bizzabo can help you to create the event and then promote it and sell the tickets. Those looking to attend events can use the app to book, stay connected and take a look at the profiles of those attending. The app is used in 80 + countries and you can sync it easily to LinkedIn. Bizzabo is perfect for many different types of events whether trade shows, seminars or conferences.

  1. One Million Cups

One Million Cups is an app where users can explore presentations delivered by entrepreneurs across the globe. You can search for the local entrepreneurial events around your town, access online events and discover networking communities. Users even have the opportunity to get involved with the 1 Million Cups Nation, you can put forward your ideas about how the community can grow.

  1. LetsLunch

Letslunch is a great networking app for users who are looking to meet up with like-minded professionals. The application uses A.I software to match you based on your goals and calendar. Professionals from over 2000+ companies use LetsLunch, and it’s currently available across six countries.

Approaching a career change tips

When you are approaching a career change, networking is absolutely essential. It’s useful to get yourself some valuable connections, even if you aren’t completely sure which direction you are headed in. Many people feel powerless to change their career because they don’t have the time to spend years re-training. Fortunately, there are many careers where you can get a foot in the door without lengthy retraining. For instance, Mortgage Broker’s have great earning potential and a short training process. With Visio you can earn 5% with the commercial broker program. It’s both a convenient and fast route into the profession.

For more jobs which are perfect for a career change, check out this article. Working with a careers counsellor is advisable to help you navigate big decisions such as these.

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