5 Tips to Make Money Online

5 Tips to Make Money Online

We’re going through harder times and making ends meet is important for a lot of us. So, here are some tips to make a little extra money online.

  1. Participate in online surveys

Taking online surveys is a quick and easy way to make money online. While these don't pay much - typically a few euros per hour - they don't require a lot of effort. You can accumulate a pretty decent amount by using different sites and setting aside time to do as many surveys as possible. For instance, undertaking a few surveys at €3 each an hour can earn you an amount equivalent to minimum wage.

To get started, consider checking out,, and OpinionWorld. However, there are plenty of other sites that are willing to pay people who participate in surveys.

  1. Review apps and websites

This is a great money-making option, particularly for those who spend a lot of time on the internet. Did you know that now you can actually get paid for browsing the internet? There are certain websites that will pay you to visit and use websites and apps according to their instructions, then record and submit your thoughts on the experience. pays $10 for every 20-minute video. So, if you manage to do three per hour, you will end up making the equivalent of 2.75 times the hourly minimum wage.

  1. Get creative

You've most probably heard of the saying, everyone has a book in them. Perhaps you have a story to tell or something to share with the world. However, the stress and hassle of actually writing a book, submitting it to different publishers, finding an agent, and addressing all the associated matters are discouraging you from achieving this goal. However, if you've got the spirit, you can make money from your creativity.

Nowadays, you can easily publish an ebook via the Amazon Kindle store and they will make it available globally within 24-48 hours. What's more, you have the option of earning either 35% or 70% of the royalties based on your chosen package. These are rates that you will rarely find with any traditional publisher, regardless of how attractive the deal is!

  1. Try your hand at freelancing

Don't rush to quit your day job just yet. However, there are sites like that allow you to improve your hourly earnings by doing low-pressure administrative projects. You can find a wide range of tasks such as correcting spelling errors, writing, categorizing data, and other simple tasks depending on your forte.

  1. Merchandise your online presence

You've most probably heard of the word influencer a million times by now. But maybe you don't know what it means exactly or are wondering how one becomes an influencer and how much influence can one actually gain through something like social media, especially if you aren't already famous.

Well, here's the thing. Obviously, a big name on social media typically has tremendous earning power. However, micro-influencers or social media accounts (often set up by regular people) that focus on specific themes or interests and have a respectable following are becoming highly marketable.OnlyFans and the democratization of such an industry are a case in point here. Hence why so many people are promoting accounts successfully.

Blogging is becoming increasingly popular in Ireland. Bloggers in all kinds of niches including healthy eating, parenting, fashion, sports, beauty, interior design, and so on have been able to build decent online followings. One of the best aspects of blogging is that with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Snapchat, you get to be in control of your own advertising for the content you are trying to get out there. You will be able to push out the message the way you want it communicated. What's more, since you use your social channels to market your content, you do it for free.

Another great thing about blogging is that you can sell advertising space on your site - this is the primary way bloggers make money. Remember, there are options also for your social media channels where you market your blog posts and other posts. Once you've built a large enough following and established engaged relationships with your audience, you can eventually find yourself being sought out by and creating business relationships with brands that want to be affiliated with a reputable figure.

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