5 Tips to Increase Positive Reviews for Your eCommerce Business

Increase Positive Reviews for Your eCommerce Business

Living in the digital age can bring many advantages to an ecommerce business. But, it can also have plenty of challenges.  These days, consumers everywhere are influenced by online reviews more than ever before. Especially, when making a purchasing decision. In fact, 92% of potential buyers admit that they trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from their friends and family. And everything starts with a great landing page, customers agree that Unbounce is the best tool for that. (Here is an Unbounce coupon code to help you save.  Whether you are selling Freshwater pearls or premium jeans, the importance of good reviews for a business is undeniable. Check out our list featuring top tips for increasing positive reviews for your eCommerce business.

1. Provide an Exceptional Shopping Experience 

Around 56% of consumers leave a review for a business because the product or service was excellent. Unfortunately, coming in at a close second, 41% of buyers decide to leave a review because they had a bad experience. This could be while shopping or if they are not satisfied with the purchase. Improving the quality of your products as well as the overall shopping experience can help boost your positive reviews. You could be selling birthstone earrings or vintage clothes, the outcome should be the same. Excellent quality, amazing experience. Try offering discount codes with every purchase, or gift a few small freebies to every customer. Ensure you always answer any questions your potential buyers might have. And don’t forget to add a personalized Thank You note with every order.

2. Ask Customers for Their Feedback After Every Purchase


It is estimated that around 20% of total customers never leave a review, whether it is positive or negative. However, approximately 72% of the buyers who are directly asked for their feedback by an eCommerce business actually provide one. Take advantage of this and create an automated email asking buyers to leave a review after they have received their order.  If you have a Customer Service team in place, instruct them to encourage people to give honest feedback about their experience with your business. This hands-on approach is guaranteed to drive plenty of positive reviews.

3. Offer Multiple Review Platform Options

Customer reviews are great tools for generating trust in your eCommerce business. This is why providing multiple review platforms is essential. It may sound hard to believe, but not all your potential buyers use social media. If you only provide Facebook as a way for people to leave feedback for your business, you will automatically limit your number of possible reviews. Inform your customers about the different ways in which they can share their experiences with your business. Do this by providing direct links to other options, more accessible to them, like your website, or third-party review sites such as Yelp, Google, my Business, TripAdvisor or Foursquare.

4. Make It Easy

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Allowing customers to easily perform the exact actions they want on your website will result in a better user experience which will automatically increase your chances of getting better reviews for your online business. It is essential that you make your review section accessible and easy to use. Just imagine having to go through several different pages just to leave a review. Would you be willing to do so? Most customers simply won’t go through the trouble. Having a well-designed website, creating an easy check-out process, and making the feedback section visible and easy to use will help you improve user experience and get better and more reviews.

5. Offer Incentives for Reviews

In this age, the number of consumers that leave a negative review is almost as high as the ones that leave a genuinely positive one. And unfortunately, most consumers will avoid a business because of a negative review. Therefore, increasing the number of positive reviews has become critical for any eCommerce business. Offering buyers enticing discounts and coupons in exchange for their honest feedback could help generate more interest amongst buyers in doing so, leading to more positive reviews.

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