5 Essential Steps to Follow on Your Quest to Raise Your Online Profile

5 Essential Steps to Follow on Your Quest to Raise Your Online Profile

For any business, whether it be solely based online or has a strong brick-and-mortar component, an online profile is an essential part of its profitability. It can help bring in new customers and leads. However, the wider you spread your net, the greater the number of them you will bring into your business.

You will be told that it's a lot of work to raise your online profile, and whoever said this is not wrong. However, this does not mean you should not bother starting, instead, you should concentrate your efforts on key areas of social media to achieve results you can build upon further.

#1 Increase the number of platforms you post on

This might seem obvious, but many business owners overlooked it. After all, you have a business to run, and keeping up with which social media platforms are growing might not even be on your radar. You need to look at where you have a presence. If all you have is a Facebook page and an ‘X’ account that you haven’t logged into since it was still Twitter, then you have work to do. You should at least get a foothold on Instagram as well. Additionally, investigate TikTok to see if it is a good fit.

#2 Create the right content for your demographic

While you are exploring these online profile platforms, you’ll discover that they tend to appeal to different demographics. While the assumption that older prefer Facebook and younger ones opt for Instagram or TikTok, is a massive generalization, it is not a wildly inaccurate one. Therefore, you can use this as a starting point. You will need to tailor your content to your demographic, as the post content can vary greatly from one platform to another. For instance, a 250-word piece of text with just one or two photos could be right for Facebook, whereas a 30-second video is more common on TikTok.

#3 Increase the quality of your videos

Your research will show that you need to create more video content. Some in-the-moment videos recorded on your phone will work, however, you will also need to create some quality content. If you have a product or service to demonstrate, you will need somewhere to do this. Consider, finding a creative studio space for rent with Tradestars to give you exactly what you need. Spaces of various sizes are likely to be available. You can use these spaces for other purposes as well as just shooting videos. You just need to find somewhere that has flexible deals for rental and is both safe and secure.

#4 Remember to create a mixture of content

Now that you have a studio space, you can create a large volume of content to fill all of your social media channels. Rather than just creating sales pieces one after another, you should make the vast majority of what you put together informative and useful. These could be further uses for your products or a behind-the-scenes look at your business. This way customers can see what makes your business tick. Then, when a sales pitch does come along, the watcher should have already formed some sort of bond with your business. Therefore, they pay attention rather than just scrolling past.

#5 Automate what you can

All of this means that you have more work than ever to do, so you should look to automate what you can. You can find software that can schedule posts for you, or even engage an agency to do the whole thing. You are likely to find that while this comes at a cost, the time you save and the results you get will mean it is money well spent.

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