4 Ways a Small Business Can Use a Wide-Format Printer

4 Ways a Small Business Can Use a Wide-Format Printer

When you run a small business, one of the biggest challenges is letting people know who you are, what you offer, and how to contact you. While more and more advertising is going online, there’s still a place for print advertising. Technology has reached a point where printing has become more detailed, elaborate, and eye-catching at a more affordable price. For example, wide-format printing allows you to commission or create large-scale advertisements guaranteed to get people’s attention. Here are four ways a small business can use a wide-format printer.

Signs of the Times

Whether you buy a printer for your own use or take the time to find a quality printing company, try not to think of a wide-format printer as a common business printer churning out 8½-by-11-inch copies. Wide-format printing is a chance to let your creativity soar. The first step in using high-quality printing to show off your business is to create large custom in-store signage. Make bright and noticeable signs that put your brand at the forefront while keeping customers informed about sales, discounts, deals, or your company’s story and values.

Package Deal

Wide-format printing is also terrific for turning out custom packaging for your store or service. Print memorable boxes, bags, and other packaging with your brand, colors, and messaging to pack up your products and leave an impression in clients’ minds. You also have the flexibility to turn out limited-edition packaging to promote new products, celebrate the seasons and holidays, and otherwise point out new deals. Your packaging will stand out from all the other boring brown paper or plastic bags out there. Think of the potent branding of the bigger stores on their packaging and apply that kind of thinking to your own.

The Great Outdoors

Wide-format printers don’t just have to print on paper. You certainly can print posters, fliers, and so forth onto different types of paper. But depending on the wide-format printer, you can print to canvas, vinyl, film, and other formats. That means you can produce signs that can take whatever the weather dishes out, including murals, banners, lawn signs, window decals, and more. Think big and consider posting signage outside to bring customers indoors to your store, shop, or office.

Convention Signage and Graphics

Here’s the last of our four ways a small business can use a wide-format printer. Not all business happens in the store or office. Conventions, trade shows, and other big events are opportunities to interact with other businesses, organizations, and associations. But they need to know how to find you. Create posters, floor graphics, banners, and other materials to lead clients to your booth. It’s a good way to spread your brand around and ensure folks keep you in mind. Wide-format printers can print desirable merchandise like posters, prints, clothing, and more to further push your brand. The marketing possibilities are endless!

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