3D Modeling and Advanced Technology in Industrial Ovens

3D Modeling and Advanced Technology in Industrial Ovens

If you are in the line of work that requires an industrial-type oven, you want to make sure that you are getting the best one for the job. Certain jobs will require the oven to reach a certain heat, while others will require certain oven layouts to help heat whatever it is inside. Regardless of what you are looking for, it is important that you get the right oven. Here is how 3D modeling and advanced technology can help you get the most out of your industrial oven.

3D Modelling

When you are buying an oven of this caliber, you need to speak to the company making them and get the right design for you. If your industrial oven needs some modifications, this where 3D modeling comes in handy. Companies have access to tools that allow both the customers and the engineers to visualize how the oven will look from the outside and the inside.

This is extremely important as the client is able to see if the oven is within the size parameters and clearance for what they are going to be using it for. 3D modeling also ensures all ovens are made to a high standard and high quality. The design process is improved and these ovens can withstand high temperatures with ease. 3D modeling is something to consider when you are looking at an industrial oven.

Uniform Temperatures

The next piece of advanced technology you want in your industrial oven is a uniform temperature throughout. Usually, the hottest point is right where heat is created and it dissipates the further away the air is. Technology now ensures that there is an even heat throughout the oven.

Industrial oven

This is achieved through controller calibration, sensor calibration, and sensor placement. The sensor will be calibrated to scan for a certain temperature. If that temperature is not reached, it will send a signal back to the controller which then activates to ensure that the oven reaches the desired heat. This creates a foolproof way of getting a uniform temperature throughout the oven, something that used to be a challenge.

Oven Sizes

As the technology behind these industrial ovens is constantly evolving, so are the designs. You have the choice of getting several different sized ovens based on what your company is planning to do with it.

Laboratory Ovens

These are smaller ovens, often featuring a volume of less than 10ft, used in low production environments like a laboratory. These are small enough t0 fit on top of benches, provided that the bench is able to support the oven and withstand the heat that is going to be output.

Cabinet Ovens

This is the next size up in the industrial oven world. Ranging in volume from 11ft to 100ft, these are standing ovens that go alongside cabinets in the workplace. There are shelves within the oven allowing you to work on multiple projects at once. Once again this is great for lower production manufacturing as it can handle multiple things, but not too many at once.

Walk-in Ovens

These are huge industrial ovens that are used for extensive production and manufacturing. With sizes greater than 100ft, you can walk into these ovens and work on many projects at once. There are usually plenty of shelving units inside and a cart. These are 3D modeled, allowing you to customized the design and get the most functionality out of your oven. While expensive, they are definitely worth it if you are planning projects on this scale.

Batch vs Conveyor

After all of that, you must decide what type of oven you are looking for. Batch ovens are great for projects that feature inconsistent load sizes and production volumes. If you are going to be working with weirdly shaped or custom designs, a batch oven can help. Conveyor ovens on the other hand work extremely well with high volume style projects. Figure out what your company is planning to do and make the decision from there.

After you have considered the technology that is available with these industrial-type ovens, it is time to make a decision on what the company needs. If you still are unsure, speak with the company you are planning on purchasing from and talk to them. They will gladly walk you through the process and find you an oven that will be best suited for your business.

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