How To Save More Energy And Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Save More Energy And Reduce Your Electricity Bill

The world today is a very different place from what it used to be years ago. Never before had the world been this globally connected and technologically advanced. Yet with the ease of access to modern-day services has come new costs that contribute to our monthly expenses. One such cost comes in the form of electricity. Power bills have been on a constant rise for many decades. This is due to factors such as global warming and an increasing dependency on electrical appliances in every household. However, if you are looking for ways on how you can reduce your electricity bill, then this article is the one for you! Read on for some practical tips on understanding and managing high energy consumption to save energy and reduce electricity bills at home because you need to look for

Be Wary Of The Appliances That You Are Using

According to statistics, the biggest drainers of energy bills are household appliances. These appliances can make up to 50% of all your monthly power usage! They account for the majority of the food waste in homes as well. This also adds to more energy consumption. With this knowledge, it is important that you become aware of the appliances that you are using at home. Pay attention to their typical daily usage pattern.

For example, if you do not require an oven during the daytime, then avoid turning it on since its standby mode can consume electricity even if no one is using it.

Another way to save appliance energy is to make sure that your refrigerator door is tightly shut. The freezer lid should also be closed as much as possible. An open fridge or freezer can allow cold/warm air to escape. Thus, leading to a rise in temperature and higher costs at the end of the month.

Then, unplug any appliances that are not being used. Things like mobile phone chargers or electric kettles can be kept unplugged when not in use. Thus, reducing the amount of energy they consume.

Multiple Function Items

Also, there's no denying that many appliances in today's world have multiple functions in one single device. In order to save money on your energy bills, it would be a good idea to use these appliances.

For example, you can make your TV a DVD player/VCR combo instead of buying a separate one for each function. The same applies to almost all other electrical appliances in your house. A blender that is also an egg beater, or a combination of devices into one television remote control are just two prime examples. You can cut down on the number of gadgets in your home by adding more functions to a few devices.

Compete For Electricity

One way to reduce the amount of energy consumed by your appliances is to compete for it. The folks at explain that this means an electricity contract. The tendering for electricity takes place by comparing the electricity contracts found on the market. For more comprehensive comparisons and personalized advice, partnering with Electricity Monster can streamline the process of finding the most cost-effective electricity contract tailored to your needs. They then exchange the current electricity contract for a cheaper one. This saves you a lot of energy in an easy way. Also, see power to choose houston texas service to know how their rates are less compared to others.

Usage Of Energy Saving Bulbs

Another one of the major contributors to higher electricity bills is light bulbs. With traditional incandescent light bulbs, 10% of their total power usage comes from powering themselves even when they are turned off! Thus, switching to fluorescent lights is a must-do for those who want to save more on their electricity bills. Especially as it reduces electrical consumption by 30%-80%.

However, do note that these types of LED lights have a slower response time compared to conventional ones. They appear dimmer at first, but they require less maintenance and last a lot longer.

You can also benefit from natural light. This can minimize the energy lights consume during the day. Simply open your curtains or blinds to let more natural light in. After about an hour, shut the curtains again. Too much sunlight can heat up your house and cause unnecessary wear on appliances. Especialy those not designed to be used for long periods of time.

Take Showers With Care

save energy

Another common mistake that people do is turning on their shower at maximum water pressure instead of taking it slow. The reason behind this is to save time with a quick "rinse" shower before rushing off into work or school. However, research has found that many households spend way more than necessary just on running the shower! Taking slower showers helps you cut back on your electricity bill by at least 20%!

To save even more, consider replacing your shower head with a low-flow model. The only downside would be the amount of time it takes to rinse off. However, it's definitely worth it.

Cooking Without Gas

You should not underestimate the effect that large gas appliances like ovens have on your electricity bill. A single hour spent cooking with an electric oven can cost you about 35 kWh. That is if you are using a regular US power outlet system. If you are cooking foods often, switching to a gas stove is probably not feasible for most people. However, many homes are now hooked up to natural gas pipelines where there aren't any available. So, installation for everyone is getting there - even in rural areas outside major cities.

That said, cooking with an electric oven is still more efficient than using a microwave. This is because it requires less power input for the same amount of heat output. An easy solution to prevent using too much energy on cooking is to open your kitchen window or turn on your exhaust fans while cooking. This helps reduce the load put on your appliances. It can cut back electricity bills by about 30%.

Get Solar Panels

If you own a home that gets lots of sunlight and is built on your favorite spot of land, consider investing in solar panels to reduce energy bills. It may seem like an expensive commitment to make. However, many people have actually found it profitable in the long run. Especially since most states offer tax exemptions for using renewable energy sources! Furthermore, if you live in a warm area or a place where cooling costs are quite high throughout the year, getting solar panels is even more beneficial.

Avoiding turning on appliances that aren't necessary. Use energy-saving bulbs. Take shorter showers (turn the shower off while you shampoo/soap up). Cook less food at one time (use the oven only when it's absolutely needed). And, get solar panels to take advantage of these simple ways to reduce your electrical bill.

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