3 Tips For Safely Reopening Your Business Post-COVID

Safely Reopening Your Business Post-COVID

Are you preparing for an office reopening post-COVID? Your top priority should be maintaining a safe workplace for everyone. Aside from following established health protocols, there are several other things your business can implement. Moreover, partnering with customers and team members in ensuring safety can ultimately lead to success amidst the pandemic.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when reopening your business post-COVID. Read on and then click here for more help.

1. Schedule A Deep Clean For The Workplace

With a greater emphasis on companies ensuring cleanliness and sanitation, your business can hit the ground running by becoming the standard bearers in the market. The first order of business should be scheduling a deep clean of your office or workplace.

A deep clean is necessary before fully integrating back to the office, whether you have an established office or looking around for a new one. It should be the first thing on your list. With fewer people around, the cleaners can clean every nook and cranny without disrupting the workflow of your company.

Ensuring the safety of anyone who enters the premises can begin as early as this step.

Moreover, this can also feel like a renewal for your company. A deep and thorough clean of the space can feel like scrubbing off all the negative emotions born from uncertainty during the pandemic. Making your workplace feel new is sure to have the same effect on your team members and customers.

Fortunately, deep cleans don’t have to come priced at a premium too. Hiring small and local house cleaning services can be a good way of helping other enterprises while also boosting your company’s appeal. Overall, starting on the right foot can signify good things for your business’s return.

2. Constantly Communicate With Customers And Team Members

Computer apps and social media do more than just address your advertising needs. They can also become places of information and connection. Maximize these avenues for sending out your company’s health protocols. Additionally, keeping in touch with team members through work applications helps everyone stay on the same page.

Aside from informing customers of your store’s health protocols, you can also tell them of items they may need to bring with them should they personally visit the place. These may sometimes include any combination of the following:

  • Facemasks
  • Sanitizers
  • Vaccination Cards

Furthermore, signage posted in visible areas all-around your business post-COVID gently informs everyone why certain things may be done differently than before.

Using these channels ultimately targets two critical areas at once. First, they give your audience clear and visible evidence of your dedication to stifling the transmission of the virus. Likewise, they also gently set expectations on how you wish your customers to carry themselves while on the premises.

Lastly, your team members should also feel empowered to communicate with their leaders and each other throughout the different phases of reopening. Using popular business applications can help reduce the distance between team leaders and members while keeping everything in order. It also helps ensure the separation of work hours and personal time.

At the end of the day, it’s important to note that every business is learning as it goes during the pandemic. Your business shouldn’t be afraid of constantly updating and bettering its protocols for reopening. Constant communication will carry your business far in this regard.

3. Plan Specific Business Health Action Plans

Implementing your business’ measures against COVID-19 is an effective tool to prevent its spread inside your workplace. However, having protocols on what to do when discovering the presence of an active case is the key to complete coverage. Thoroughly planning your health action plans gives your team guidance, no matter the situation.

Health Protocols

It’s important to note that action plans must be specific to each business. While protocols from health experts serve as the foundation of your plans, how you respond will need consideration from a few factors. These factors can include:

  • Type of business
  • Number of team members
  • Backup work arrangements

The reopening phase for a business post-COVID is a critical time for any business. Taking in too much work can overload and overwork your team members. Conversely, taking in too little can quickly see the expense for daily operations overshadow the daily budget.

This means that staying flexible will become an invaluable skill for your business to learn. For example, you can opt for hybrid work arrangements to allow fewer people in the office at a time. This can also work for team members who must isolate but are asymptomatic or only exhibit light symptoms.

Ultimately, your team members and customers should always be your top priority. As such, adapting to the restrictions of the pandemic is the only way of seeing your business thrive throughout it. After all, adaptability is the key ingredient to boosting your business, no matter the limitations.


A successful reopening for a business post-COVID results from plenty of preparation behind the scenes. Treating this event as a rebirth can help set a hopeful mindset for everyone involved. Moreover, keeping the skills you learn during this event can be the foundation of a business with longevity.

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