1 Million Dollar Funded Accounts

1 Million Dollar Funded Accounts

Imagine having a big bag of money, say one million dollar funded accounts, to help you trade better. It sounds impressive, right? But the big question is, where can you find such an opportunity?

Well, there's an answer: prop trading firms. These special places give traders like you significant money to help you in your trading journey. In return, they want a little share of your profit.

Now, let's journey through a list of prop trading firms that could offer you this chance. Some funded account firms give you a start-up amount, while others increase the amount as you prove your skills.

What is a Prop Trading Firm?

Before jumping in, let's understand what a prop trading firm is. Imagine it as a company that gives you money to trade in the big markets.

So, while you trade, they watch and hope to make some profit from your trading. And, of course, they get a small part of whatever profit you make.

How Does it Work?

Capital: This is the starting money the company gives you.

Profit Sharing: If you make money, you share a part with them.

Protecting the Money: These firms have rules to protect their money.

  1. Fidelcrest

You might've heard of Fidelcrest. It's one company vetted as one of the best forex prop trading firms. It does this thing called prop trading. Now, they're not old-timers; they set up shop in 2018.

Like other companies that do the same thing, Fidelcrest gives good traders some money to trade with. But there's a catch: Traders must show they're good enough by passing specific tests they call 'challenges.'

Now, each of these challenges has its own rules. Some might ask you to make a particular profit, while others might limit how much you can lose. And the type of challenge you pick can change how much of the profit you get to keep.

But don't stress about how many days you need to trade. They don't set a limit on that. And if you're a weekend warrior, they're cool with that, too. If you're the kind who likes to know all the details, they've got everything laid out on their website.

Now, here's something neat about Fidelcrest. They've got some really helpful folks you can chat with if you need to. Whether you're an email person, a Facebook chat fan, or you like to get answers right away with Live Chat, they've got you covered. And the Live Chat's pretty swift between you and me – they usually reply in a minute.

Oh, and before I forget:

  • Starting Money: They might give you between $250,000 and $1 million.
  • Sharing Profits: If you make money, you could keep 70-90% of it.
  • The Rules: First, you'll need to pass two tests they have.
  1. Ment Funding

Another good place on our best prop trading firms list is Ment Funding. This company started its journey in October 2020. At first, it was just a learning place for traders under this bigger name, Mentfx. But, as time went on, it changed.

Instead of just teaching, they became a place that gave traders funded accounts to trade with. They saw how hard it was for traders to get money to trade and thought, "Hey, we can help with that!" So, they set up this new company to ensure everyone gets a fair shot at trading.

Now, they didn't do this alone. They had some investors backing them up. Because of that, they can give successful traders real money accounts. And a lot of people seem to like them. They have an excellent rating on Trustpilot, which shows they're doing their best to be open and fair.

If you decide to work with them, they have some extras you can add on. And here's the cool part: They might even let you trade with up to $2,000,000 in your account. Yup, that's a significant number!

But before all that, there's a test you need to pass. Just one. And suppose you're wondering what you can trade. In that case, they've got many options: forex pairs (that's like currencies), things like gold and oil (commodities), stock market indexes, individual company stocks, and even crypto like Bitcoin.

They're not picky about how you trade, either. Whether you like trading the news, using computer programs, or even copying what other traders do, they're okay with it.

To break it down:

  • Starting Money: They might start you off with $25,000, or if you're terrific, up to $2 million.
  • Sharing Profits: If things go well, you could keep 75-90% of your make.
  • The Rules: There's a test you've got to pass first.
  1. SurgeTrader

SurgeTrader poses itself as one of the best futures prop trading firms out there. Imagine three friends – one who knows extensive trading, has lots of money to invest, and trades with foreign capital (forex). They came together to start Surge Trader to make things simple for traders.

With Surge Trader, you can get up to 90% of your profit. And they're pretty relaxed about how you trade. They have the same rules for everyone. You won't lose more than 5% in a day, don't let your total loss go beyond 8%, and aim to make a 10% profit.

  1. Traders with Edge

Lastly, there's Traders with Edge, a new star in the world of trading firms. Even though they're fresh (started in 2022), people seem to like and trust them.

Once you show them you're good by passing a test, they'll let you keep 80% of your profit. And the more you prove yourself, the more money they might give you, up to $3 million!


It might seem tricky when you first look at all these trading firms. But you can pick the best million dollar funded account with the right info, like what you've just read. Whether you're just starting or trading for years, there's a perfect place waiting for you. Remember, each firm has its flavor. Find the one that tastes best for your trading dreams!

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