Why is a NoSQL database perfect for a start-up? 

Why is a NoSQL database perfect for a start-up? 

Planning a start-up business is a challenging initiative! Needless to say, that for entrepreneurs, it is an exciting activity. The process of developing a successful start-up company is similar to creating an application. There are scopes of failing and improving as well. And for this, start-up entrepreneurs need to have the ease and flexibility to move freely in the business market. It is essential to plan and prioritize everything. It is because time is always crucial, and we are continually running out of time.

Start-up business owners need to optimize every productivity unit. Hence, the database that you select should cater to your business requirements. You need to know that the correct database underwrites fast and smooth application performance and will make the users returning to your business. Additionally, the right database should take very minimal time to set-up, install, and should also be secure. The database should also need minimal work from the CTO. It is interesting to note that the CTO also plays the part of the quality assurance team, developer, and database administrator. Each day it's a race between the cash burnout, new funds, and sustainable growth. Hence, the database must syncs-in correctly with the start-up business model.

Some people might suggest you to opt-in for a SQL solution! It has been present for several years and is secure for big companies. However, if yours is a start-up, the smart call is to opt-in for a NoSQL solution. To know more about this, you can check out

NoSQL and the start-up business

There are several ways in which a NoSQL database benefits the start-up business. Its features are perfect for start-up business requirements and demands. The following pointers are essential:


  • It’s flexible and an agile database 


There's no schema in NoSQL. Simply put, a schema is the database blueprint. It comprises the data items that your business requires, in addition to the data types. Schema is usually rigid. Just in case you decide that a data type is redundant, you should change it for another. This process takes up ample time. 

Schema, which is the base for a most relational database, is tough to change the moment you set it up! A start-up business at times has a minimal idea about its business, right at the start. The initial stages bring in ample learning scopes. Hence, a database structure that requires about the way the business will progress before you decided the start restricts the flexibility. It comes in between the creative decisions and poses ample challenges. It is not a good situation at all and needs to get remedied.

However, when you use a NoSQL database, there's no schema. Since it gets based on the JSON documents, you can add extra data and not make any fundamental changes. And the way your business changes, the database also improves. When you use a NoSQL solution, the database becomes agile, precisely the way you require it. Most start-up businesses have a successful discovery moment. The moment start-up business owners realize that if you take different steps, they might witness success. The correct NoSQL solution will always help you to progress in your business. 

Working with the relational databases 

There might be a situation where a start-up business might have to work with the SQL solutions! The integral aspect of every application is drawing data from various applications and then processing and presenting the same to the user. Hence, a few start-ups place the overall value on the way they source data from multiple sources, enhance and return the same to their end-users.

Can a NoSQL Database improve the process? 

You take away the schema from data! It means you can draw in the information from SQL rows, and then migrate the same to NoSQL solution documents. And this will act as an essential game-changer. You might be in the trading domain and take ancient stock information for the NYSE listings from a source. You might source the Nasdaq listing from some other source. Here you are generally faced with two pertinent questions:

  • What will occur when the same data gets called by various names?
  • What will take place when various multiples, changes, and multiple metrics using different computation processes get created?

The answer to both these questions is this – when you use a NoSQL database, you can take every information and can label it your way. It provides you real-time flexibility. Also, it can incorporate data from various sources on choice. 

Furthermore, most start-ups are always pressed in for time! They must come up with useful outcomes at the earliest. It helps them to generate revenue and extra earning much before they use up the existing capital. Hence, a correct database gets set-up, installed, and runs safely within a few minutes.

Why is a NoSQL database perfect for a start-up? 

Using the big data to discover the correct scopes 

Gaining close to a million visits on a website is one thing! And to collect the data points in real metrics that help to assess things that are happening now and will happen next is a different thing altogether. When you have the numbers, it can influence how quickly your business would respond to the changing business situation. It can leverage a new scope.

A relational database must move across every point! It also makes tallies each time you collect the data. Also, the processing time can get costly. It will also hoard the server resources away from various functions. Furthermore, the users might even witness a minimization in performance as the questions are running. 

To conclude, you need to know that the majority of the NoSQL databases aren’t transactional! Hence, in case of a crash, there’s a chance of compromising all the data. And if the customer provided this data, it might go against your brand reputation. However, a database ensures that it maintains data integrity is the best option. The best solution providers the advanced NoSQL that helps your brand to maintain consumer trust. The database ROI depends on its capacity to set up quickly, providing excellent performance to the users, and securing the data integrity every time. It also depends on scaling up as business expands and keeps the private customer data secured. An advanced NoSQL allows your start-up with all these and many more.

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Pete Campbell is a social media manager who has worked as a database administrator in the IT industry and has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to DBA services for small businesses. He loves to travel, write and play baseball


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