Why Companies Choose to Outsource Tech Teams

Nowadays, outsourcing tech teams has become a popular approach. Numerous businesses all over the world now turn to third-party providers for rudimentary business solutions. This is because it can be cheaper than hiring qualified full-time managers, and it relieves a lot of pressure off of their staff. Many services like customer support, accounting, payroll processing, social media marketing, and of course, tech support can be outsourced. The outsourcing service market is already worth billions of dollars and is expected to continue growing as it provides easy, effective, and efficient solutions to many businesses.

If this is something you are considering, read through our article to find out why many companies choose to outsource their tech teams. Why Companies Choose to Outsource Tech Teams

Decreasing Business Costs

Outsourcing tech teams is not an easy decision for business owners to make, no matter the company. Risks and doubts are always in place, which is reasonable. Especially since straying away from the traditional operations is not an easy task even if it is necessary. However, many stakeholders are starting to realize that outsourcing services can be ultimately beneficial for their businesses in many ways.

The driving force behind companies choosing to outsource tech teams is the significant reduction of costs. Many companies choose to outsource services for the sole purpose of controlling or reducing business expenses. This also allows them to free up funds to invest in improving other areas of the business. Even the biggest brands have started to adopt tech team outsourcing. For instance, WhatsApp outsourced a freelancer to develop their iOS app before hiring him full-time. This was much cheaper than hiring a specialist to fix the technical issues and make the application market-ready.

Outsourcing tech teams is a cost-effective solution for many reasons. When you outsource employees, you pay them only for their services. Whereas with in-house staff, you have to cover sick pay, rent, hardware, training, software, along with other expenses. Besides, sourcing online talent is much easier, cheaper, and time-saving. Many platforms and websites are designed to help you find tech teams in no time. They provide you with all the necessary information, reviews, and testimonials to help you make your decision. Statistics prove that this is a much cheaper solution, as hiring one employee is expensive. Hiring would require you to finance vacancy advertisements, host interviews and onboarding, and other functions, rounding up to about $4000.

Access to Top-Tier Capabilities

When businesses outsource tech teams, this gives them the opportunity to connect with qualified specialists from all over the world. Outsourcing employees will not limit you to certain geographic boundaries. Instead, you can obtain services from anywhere in the world, giving you endless talent and capabilities to choose from. Having so many options with no location boundaries allows companies to browse through many specialized employees whom they believe are the best fit for this position.

Working with specialists on a project-by-project basis is also an exciting and eye-opening experience. When companies provide the tech teams with clear goals and targets, the specialists will suggest ways to make their product even better. Once they have approval, they start to put the plans in motion. As demonstrated by PrototypeIT's managed IT services, there are many tools, like prototyping, video chats, project management tools, that allow organization members and outsourced teams to remain connected throughout the outsourcing process. This allows them to discuss major milestones and decisions as easily and as effectively as they would if they were in the same office.


Statistics show that an average business’ interview process lasts around 23.7 days. To hire a tech employee, there are many steps and procedures that you have to follow, so imagine hiring a whole tech team! First off, you need to post an application on various platforms and websites to attract potential candidates. Then, you need to narrow down all your applicants to the best choices. Afterward, you have to carry out an interview and manage your schedule to find a suitable slot. To hire a tech team, you need to make sure that each member has broad range of skills. You also have to ensure that they’re all suitable for the different projects and plans that you have in mind for your business in the long-run.

Outsource Tech Teams

Hiring an in-house tech team can be very time-consuming and financially draining. Additionally, hiring in-house employees will limit you to a certain pool of applicants with specific skill-sets due to geographical boundaries. Plus you will need to cover other expenses besides their salaries. Employee benefits often include insurance, annual bonuses, and workers’ compensation, and you will need a considerable budget to cover those expenses. By comparison, outsourcing tech teams is a cost-effective, time-saving, and efficient solution.

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