The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support
If you run a small business, there may be some elements of it that you enjoy, but others that don’t bring you as much pleasure. There may be some departments where you personally excel, and you’ve probably got more than one weakness. We all have things that we like to do more than others, as well as
individual strengths and weaknesses. 

In the early days of running a business, we don’t necessarily have any choice. In an attempt to save money and to learn more about our own business and its operations, we try to tackle most things by ourselves. 

As our companies grow, though, we start to need help. We no longer have time to do it all alone. Nor do we have the expertise that our growing business needs. At this point, we need to start employing staff, or, consider outsourcing. 

What is Outsourcing?

Put simply; outsourcing is assigning some of your work to another company, or to a freelancer. You can do this on a project by project basis, hiring freelancers to tackle specific jobs that you don’t have time for, or need a particular skill set to complete. Or, you can outsource work in a more permanent way. 

Outsourcing IT support, instead of having an in-house IT team, or doing it yourself, is a popular choice for many small businesses. IT is a complex and ever-evolving beast, and even if you had enough basic skill to get started, you might not always be able to give your business what it needs. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of outsourcing IT support. 

The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

You Never Know What Might Happen

One of the best reasons for outsourcing IT support, as we’re all learning right now, is that we never know what might happen to us, the world, or our businesses. A few months ago we’d never have dreamed that we might all be trying to work remotely to keep our businesses going during a global pandemic, yet here we are. If you’d had full-time IT support before this crisis, you’d have had people to help you to prepare for remote working, making safety a priority. The transition would have been smooth, and you’d have had constant off-site IT support. 

We don’t know what the future might bring, and outsourcing is a fantastic way to prepare for the unexpected. 

Cybercriminals Don’t Work 9-5

Your in-house staff may work 9-5, which means any in-house IT professionals will only be available specific hours of the day. Unfortunately, cybercriminals don’t stick to a 9-5 schedule. Nor do they make appointments. In fact, many criminals target businesses during the night, or over the holidays, when they know that security might be down, or when it may take IT support longer to spot or respond to the threat. 

Outsourcing IT means that you have round the clock support. There’s someone there to spot and repair vulnerabilities, whenever they arise. 

Nor Do Your Customers

A brick and mortar store or office may work 9-5, but your website and online services don’t. Customers from all over the world are able to access your business 24/7, so your IT support needs to offer the same assistance. If you were to encounter a problem in the middle of the night, your customers shouldn’t have to wait until 9 am to get help. They won’t wait, they’ll shop somewhere else, and they won’t necessarily come back. Being offline could mean that your business loses money and customers. Outsourcing IT support means that this isn’t something that you need to worry about. 

You’ll Have Access to Experts 

When you outsource to a company like, your business gets access to experts with up to date knowledge and relevant experience. You don’t just get one person, who will be responsible for all of your businesses IT needs, you get a whole team, who each bring their skills to your table. 

As your company grows and develops, the unfortunate truth is that your IT issues will become more complex. If your business faces downtime, you’ll lose more money, and if it’s out of reach for a long time, there’s a risk that you will lose customers. 

IT outsourcing to experts means that your IT systems will be scalable. They’ll be ready to grow with you, and your support team will be prepared to tackle any challenges that a growing business may face. 

Outsourcing Will Save You Time

IT issues and updates are time-consuming, even more so if you aren’t confident in the area. Outsourcing these tasks can mean that you have more time to focus on other areas of your business. 

It Could be Cheaper

IT problems can be exceptionally costly too. Not only will your business lose money during the downtime, but you may also have to make expensive repairs and upgrades, or even deal with costly legal issues. Outsourcing IT is a cost to your business. But, it’s one that could save you money long-term, and help you make more money as you grow your business. 

Outsourcing IT Will Increase In-House Productivity

It’s not just you that will save time by hiring IT help. Your team will also be able to work more productively. They’ll face less downtime, they won’t have to commit time to monitor IT systems, and they’ll be free to get on with their jobs. 

Help with IT Could Improve Customer Experience

Customer service and experience are crucial elements of a successful business, and good IT support plays a big part. A website with issues and vulnerabilities can be hard to shop or browse. It could also put your customer's data and security at risk.  Round the clock, IT support will help you to offer a great customer experience. 

Outsourcing can be a fantastic way to grow your business without having to commit to permanent staff. It can help you to move forward, saving you both time and money while giving you access to expert help. If your business is ready for 24/7 IT support, outsourcing could be the ideal solution. 

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