What To Do After A Delivery Vehicle Accident

What To Do After A Delivery Vehicle Accident

Being in a delivery vehicle accident is among the most devastating situations you can find yourself in. An accident leaves you disoriented, without knowing what to do next. However, as the saying goes, 'what's done is done.' All you need is to take the necessary steps to avoid worsening the case.

It's vital to understand that anyone can cause an accident. The other driver might take action to prove you're liable for the accident to get compensated. It's, therefore, vital to avoid making random statements to avoid pinning yourself.

For example, suppose the accident involves your truck and a motorbike. In that case, you should avoid apologizing or taking the blame. If the motorist decides to file a motorcycle accident personal injury claim, you might be required to compensate them. This will cost the money you could’ve saved if you remained silent.

Here are the steps you should take after a delivery truck accident:

Call For Help

Following a delivery vehicle accident, the first step should be calling for help. Contact the police and notify them about the accident and where it occurred. Calling the police creates an excellent opportunity for investigation and determining reliability. Additionally, if you're filing a personal injury claim, provide a police report to prove you follow the legal procedure.

It's also vital to call emergency help in your locality, especially if you think some people sustained severe injuries. While some car accidents might not seem severe, they can cause internal injuries, leading to blood clots that could be fatal. Calling emergency help after a motor vehicle accident is advisable since you might not know what's happening inside you unless a doctor examines you.

Erect Emergency Signs

Erecting emergency triangles after a truck accident is vital. They notify other road users of the hazard ahead. You should avoid erecting the triangles too close to the accident scene since it won't give other motorists time to evade the scene, especially if they're driving at high speed. Erecting the emergency sign at least 45 meters from the car is advisable. This will notify other drivers about the accident before they reach the scene.

Check If There Are Severely Injured People

Suppose you're traveling alongside a co-driver or someone else. You should check if they're seriously injured. Also, if the accident involves other motorists or passersby, you should check if they're severely injured. However, this depends on your capability to move and the accident's severity. For example, checking whether other people are wounded will be out of the question if you can't move due to the injuries you sustained. However, if the accident is minor, you can examine the situation of other motorists without challenges.

accident scene

Document The Accident

While the police are on their way and you're capable of moving, document the accident as much as you can. Take photographs of the scene, your vehicle's state, the involved vehicles, and any present road signs. You should also record testimonies from witnesses and get their contact numbers in case you need to get back to them. Accessing the other driver's or motorist's phone number is also important since you might need to contact them later. The information you gather will serve as proof during the claim proceeding.

Remove The Vehicle Out Of The Way

The most common mistake many drivers make after an accident is letting the car stay at the scene. While most drivers say they don't want to tamper with the accident scene, leaving the car in the middle of the road increases the chances of other vehicles bumping into it. If this happens, more cars will likely get damaged, and people sustaining severe injuries or lose their lives. It's, therefore, vital to move the vehicle to a safer area to prevent other accidents. Nevertheless, you can only relocate a movable vehicle. If your truck can't move, erect emergency triangles, as explained in the previous point.

Contact Your Insurer

Contacting your insurer is among the first steps you should take after a delivery truck accident. You should take this step as soon as possible since some companies limit the period you must report the accident. If you want compensation, report the matter within the stipulated period.

Seek Treatment

Truck accidents cause severe injuries that might leave you disabled. Some injuries aren't visible initially but begin to show signs later. Therefore, you should seek treatment to understand if your well-being is in danger. Your doctor's report will also come in handy when filing a personal injury claim.

Hire Truck Accident Attorney

You never know what the other driver is planning. They might plan to blame you for the accident and avoid compensating you. Suppose the accident is your fault. The other driver's lawyer and insurance company might corner you and request excess compensation. Luckily, a truck accident attorney will guide you, act on your behalf, and ensure everything is determined justly.


Delivery vehicle accidents can cause severe bodily and property damage. It's, therefore, vital to understand the steps you should take to ensure your safety and fair compensation. Suppose you've been in a delivery truck accident, or you're reading this article to gain knowledge. In that case, the above-explained steps will ensure everything goes well despite how severe the accident might be.

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