What Platform Should You Consider When Starting a Clothing Store

What Platform Should You Consider When Starting a Clothing Store

When you begin your online shop, you will discover that there are many hosting platforms to choose from across the web. You should limit your options to platforms that have outperformed others in sales and also provide great tools. Some of the best clothing store platforms stand out more than others due to their success. These include Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopware.

Platforms to Consider When Starting a Clothing Shop

It can be a daunting task when launching your online shop. With careful research, you’ll know which platform is best suited for you.


Developed in Canada, Shopify is a SaaS (software as a service) platform that provides eCommerce solutions. It is well known and helps owners manage their virtual storefronts around the world. Because mobile phone usage for shopping is on the rise, this platform has made it easy for customers to browse their purchases on their phones. It also has many Shopify integrations you can add to your store that improve your business’s processes and your customer's overall shopping experience. Shopify provides personalized recommendations and helps customers add photo reviews. It also lets customers virtually try on jewelry by uploading images of themselves. You can provide any product on your Shopify store to satisfy customer demands. For ones that you can’t access directly, you can integrate third-party apps like Oberlo to dropship items you can’t deliver. Shopify is affordable and starts at $29 a month.


This cutting-edge eCommerce platform allows you to scale up your business from small to large. You can incorporate a large number of products on your website, then create a boutique catalog organizing and featuring these goods. Magento is built for handling large amounts of traffic. You can expand your sales and sell globally without worrying about site outages and slow-moving web pages. Many famous brands use Magento because they can make massive sales. It is more technical than other eCommerce stores and is slightly more complex. You can target niche demographics in specific countries by creating sites with a different language. With this tool, you can also set different prices for each country in which the site is featured. Magento is free for the community brand, but it can go up to $22,000 a year.


This eCommerce platform can be easily integrated with WordPress. It has its own shopping cart and also a secure payment gateway that customers can make their purchases with. Any WordPress website can have this plugin integrated into it. This is for those who are starting off with a small business where they aren’t expecting to handle too much traffic. It’s a simple solution for beginners. It is free to use and WordPress provides free website templates.


This eCommerce platform lets you easily build an online shop. It has highly flexible tools and already has a large array of customers that use its services. This eCommerce app is more popular in Europe and is a great solution for clothing and retail shops. It helps reduce the cost of creating a new website and comes with a free starter edition.

Find Out Which eCommerce Platform Can Work For Your Online Shop

To start off on a good foot, you have to pick the right eCommerce platform that suits your needs. Trying out each of these platforms can help you make an educated decision.

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