What Is The Best Social Media Marketing Certification

What Is The Best Social Media Marketing Certification

Social media usage has become popular over the years. With the number of social media users across the world crossing the 3.6 Billion mark in 2022, it is no doubt that social media has become a powerful tool of communication.

Today, many brands leverage social media for marketing and increasing the scope of their audience. Having said that, it is becoming challenging to identify the right experts in the social media industry. This is because most people believe they do not need certification to manage their social media profiles.

To keep up with the new trends in the digital space, social media marketing certification puts you ahead of the pack in an already crowded social media marketing environment. Aside from training, social media marketing certification equips trainees with important skills needed to keep up with new trends in the digital space.

To stay competitive in the ever-evolving social space, social media marketers require an in-depth understanding of the social media industry. One of the ideal ways of proving to clients that you are competent enough to execute a successful social media strategy is through certification.

Do you want to become a pro in social media marketing? Here are some of the best social media marketing certifications that you can go for.

#1. Hootsuite  Academy

Top on the list is Hootsuite academy. The academy features a six-part course that includes foundations of social media marketing, setting KPIs, building your audience, and rolling out a content strategy.

After you are done with honing your skills, you can sit for a certification exam to join the Academy's league of certified professionals. To further your skills, you can opt for an advanced certificate program. This costs $ 199 and covers Introduction to social media marketing, social media profile optimization among other programs.

#2. Boot Camp Digital  Social Media  Certification

Bootcamp Digital has been offering digital marketing and social media training for over a decade. The training course features tailor-made social media marketing training in the form of video tutorials.

Additionally, the digital marketing program offers downloadable content to help learners implement effective social media marketing strategies. To keep up with evolving market trends, content is updated regularly to enable learners to improve their social media marketing skills.

Once trainees complete the course, they receive industry-recognized certification along with a professional Linkedin endorsement. Some of the courses offered by Bootcamp include Search engine optimization and digital marketing.

Some of the courses included in the program include Facebook Marketing, social media strategy, Instagram, Twitter marketing, and Facebook ads. The certification will cost you at least $ 997.

#3. Facebook  BluePrint Certification

Commanding slightly over 2.2 billion users, Facebook is arguably one of the most powerful social media platforms in the internet space. The platform is ever-evolving with different features aimed at conforming with the current technological trends.

Once you get a Blueprint certification, you prove to potential employers that you have acquired advanced Facebook advertising skills including ad management, audience targeting, and measuring the performance of a campaign.

The good news is that all the Facebook courses are free. In this case, you can advance to whichever level you want depending on your schedule. However, Facebook takes their certification seriously meaning you must have at least 6 years of experience with Facebook advertising in a professional capacity to be subjected to their exams.

While the training process is free, you will have to part with $ 150 to get certified. The certificate is only valid for a year although it carries a lot of weight for potential employers.

Some of the courses covered in the Facebook blueprint training include understanding Campaign performance with ad manager, Targeting; core audiences, closing the deal with conversions among others.

#4. Content  Marketing  Institute Certification

If you want to acquire knowledge about ad formats, audience demographics, and measurement tools, then the content marketing institute's online training is an ideal choice. Additionally, to learn how to create content that resonates with the target audience then it's high time you consider certification from the content marketing Institute (CMI).

Contrary to other platform-specific certifications, CMI focuses on developing your brand story and translating that to compelling and unique visual content. The program also entails cross-sharing content and measurement.

You have the freedom to determine how long you want to undertake the training although training materials are only available for a year after registration. After completing the entire training program, you can get certified.

You will have to part with between  $ 595-$ 995 to complete the course and get a  certification.

#5. Google  Analytics Certification

Most social media marketing strategies aim at driving the audience to a website. This is aimed at helping the target population get a grasp of your products and services. As such, a solid grasp of google analytics is critical in helping you understand the impact of your marketing efforts.

With google analytics, you can be able to measure important marketing objectives like conversions, website traffic, and sign-ups. Furthermore, google analytics lets you track important metrics like measuring ROI  through UTM  parameters and bounce rate.

In addition to video tutorials, learners are given access to a demo account where they can access real data and practice their new skills. Upon completion of the course, you can take the Google Analytics individual qualification assessment at the google Academy for ads.

Some of the areas covered in the course include configuration, data collection, reports, attributions, and conversions. Additionally, the google certification is free and the certificate is valid for 12 months.

#6. LinkedIn  Learning

Last on the list is LinkedIn learning. The platform commands a huge number of learners featuring a wide range of courses in many fields including digital marketing and social media. So far, LinkedIn learning has over 60 social media marketing courses. This includes over 1,600 video tutorials from beginner to expert level.

The unique aspect of the LinkedIn learning course is that it features specialized training. For example, learning adobe spark posts and social media for non-profits. If you are looking for a flexible learning schedule then LinkedIn learning is a perfect option. It will cost you utmost $25 every month to access LinkedIn training including certification. Some of the programs include marketing on Twitter, marketing on Facebook, and more.


Besides relevant professional qualifications, acquiring a social media marketing Certificate unlocks more opportunities than those without prior qualifications.

Dozens of people masquerade as social media experts. Thus, it may be difficult to identify the right personnel that you can hire to transform your marketing strategy. It is against this backdrop that having relevant training is ideal to improve your social media marketing experience.

We, therefore, recommend that you choose any of the certifications enlisted in this article. They can help you grow your social media marketing portfolio and attract high-value employers. Remember the more qualified you are in social media marketing the higher the chance you will be paid well for your services.

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