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What is Getpayever.com_315Small business owners already have a lot on their plate without worrying about their online store infrastructure or payment processor. Nagging issues, like these, can cause business owners to have time away from their most important tasks, like helping their clients. provides everything from A to Z you need to operate eCommerce successfully. Consider it a “swiss army knife” of tools for selling products and fulfilling orders. What is Let take a look at some of the excellent features this service offers.

Point of Sale System

Have a physical storefront? Payever provides you with a point of sale system functionality. Turn your tablet into your new cash register. This is especially useful if you often go to shows that make it difficult to bring your POS hardware.

Ecommerce Storefront

Quickly add products to your store through the Payever plugin. The company supports e-commerce, Facebook, and physical stores and is a solid solution for any online product based sales that is straightforward with no unique rules or variables.

Online Payments

You're at a competitive disadvantage if you don't offer multiple payment options. Payever gives you more opportunities to capture sales by offering the payment types and full range of cards that your customers expect.

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Built-in Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising are labor intensive time-consuming skills that you must do to be successful. You can spend all day and night going through every guide you find on the Internet, but you'll end up burning out before long. Use Payever's built-in marketing and advertising feature to break this cycle and get results. In effect, Payever offers a helping hand in creating useful campaigns which bring in customers.

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Do you have a plan for getting your products from point A to point B? Payever offers shipping and return service processing. Hence, you'll always have a fast and reliable way to get shipments out the door.

IT Department

The amount of technology required for competing in the business world can be overwhelming. Payever handles the infrastructure for you, so you can focus on selling your products. If something goes wrong, you have experienced people to help you out.

Payever offers a user-friendly experience and every feature that a small business owner could need. You can use as many or as little options as possible. Therefore, you'll get the solution that goes perfectly well with your business goals.

You're already wearing enough hats, if you need a POS system or simple eCommerce tool, a system like can work just right to get you going.


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