What Are SEO Certifications Worth?

SEO Certifications

Becoming an SEO expert is a great career choice in 2021. The online industry continues to grow every day. In fact, its rate of expansion has sped up by almost a decade in just one year due to COVID-19. SEO plays a very important role in raising your search engine rankings and bringing clients to your website in this digital age. That’s why a majority of businesses are looking for a partner SEO agency or in-house SEO experts. As a result, it is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after qualifications all over the world.

While you can become and work as an SEO expert without any certification, it is still better to get one. Almost any advancement in a career requires proper accreditation. Additionally, many in-house job offers will likely demand certification to prove your expertise.

You can choose to get your certification in a number of SEO-related fields. Each sub-specialty has its own charm and need in the market. Rest assured, certifications will help you achieve your career goals.

Purpose of SEO certifications

Gaining a legitimate SEO certification serves multiple purposes.

Your certificate is incontrovertible proof that you know your stuff. Your certificate ensures your qualification cannot be questioned. Anyone can claim they are an SEO expert despite their skill level. However, a degree or a certificate gives genuine backing to your claim.

In SEO, like many other digital skills, people are often self-taught. So, not many people bother with certification. However, when you do get one, it makes your employers sit up and take notice of you. Certificates will also nicely fill out your resume.

If you are launching your SEO career just now and don’t have much real-world experience, your certification will be immensely valuable in helping you gain a foothold in the market. In addition, having a certificate as just a newcomer will demonstrate to potential employers your dedication and commitment.

Some employers just feel it is better to hire only people with certified qualifications. They won’t be impressed with your skill if you are merely self-taught. Some employers may even require some type of certification as a kind of training and expanding your skills.

Certifications vs Expertise

SEO certifications are beneficial, but they do not necessarily make a beginner an expert in SEO. True mastery in SEO, just like countless other fields, comes with hands-on practice. Certification may teach you important concepts, but their practical application comes with spending time gaining experience.

You may think of the certification as the starting point. But, please do not think it is the culmination of your learning. The internet is an ever-evolving world. New ideas, updates, guidelines, and principles keep appearing every day. To keep up with them, you must continue to learn them as they come and improve your SEO.

Last word

Not everyone can learn without a teacher. Many people prefer learning in a specialized and structured environment. Certification is very important for such people. However, if your goal is to gain true mastery in the field of SEO, then certification is the most essential, but only the very first step.

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