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Extracting data from different sources has become a challenge for data engineers and scientists. In this modern fast and steady world, the more quickly and efficiently the data is extracted, the best it would be. For this purpose, web scraping comes up with the second to none solution.

The term web scraping refers to pulling out of data from different websites. This data can then be saved in a local hard-drive or in multiple database frameworks or spreadsheets. A question arises from here that if one can manually copy and paste data from a website, then what is the need of web scraping?

The answer is as simple as apple-pie. It is obvious that copy-pasting data from several sites manually can take hours and days, but through web scraping, all the process automates thus, saving a lot of time.

More often, when the data carried out from any website is tabular, the best thing is to save it in an excel file in .xlsx or .csv format. Whereas, the pictorial or video data can be directly saved in the local hard-disk.

There are two methods through which web scraping can be accomplished. Also, there are various services available on the internet. Let us discuss the methods and those services.

Web Scraping Methods

  • Using Software

Software for web scraping can be of two types. First, the software that one installs locally on thier PC to carry out the process. Some of these softwares are OutWit Hub, ParseHub, etc. Secondly, there are cloud-based softwares that can run instantly from web browsers. These softwares include Mozenda,, etc.

  • Using Code

It can also be done through a piece of code. Many programming languages support web scraping. The developers and experts of the programming languages like Python, R, and Java use to design codes. These codes can entirely scrape data from websites and can even perform file handling for data saving.

Different Web Scraping Service Providers

The web scraping services on the internet make it easy for businesses to generate leads, identify competitors and trends, enhance analysis through data, and collect useful and beneficial information. There is a big competition among the service providers, and almost all are reliable. Let us have a look at some of the service platforms and what they provide.


Imagine having instant access to relevant data from search engines like Google? Smartproxy’s SERP Scraping API harnesses the power of proxies and couples them with a web scraper and data parser to deliver a 100% success rate for Google scraping. Automate your marketing research with constantly updated paid and organic SEO data, related questions and searches, popular products and listings, and much more. 

That way, you’ll know exactly what your competitors are up to and stay well ahead of the latest market trends. Don’t pay twice for your web scraping tool and proxies. Get an all-in-one solution with Smartproxy.


DataHut provides data as a service paradigm. This refers to the type of scraped data according to the preference of its client. Moreover, this web scraping service aids businesses to attain data from a variety of websites in a variety of formats. The best thing about the service is that it produces ready-to-use data.


BWT has the best and seamless automation system for Data Mining, Web Scraping, Data Sciences, Processing & Management, etc. Business automation is highly enriched and customized. Fast data delivery assurance through cost-effective and robust servers for deployment. We can consider it as one of the best services due to its effective workflow.


An extremely efficient service platform as it deals with large-scale data extraction, data crawling, web scraping, and cloud services. The best aspect of the PromptCloud service is that it utilizes Machine Learning algorithms in order to gather meaningful data and information from the web. Another utility of this web scraping service platform is that it provides data in the relevant format as you want.

Scrape IT

Scrape IT is a flexible web scraping service platform as it provides different packages to its clients. We can use its services weekly, monthly, or even for a one-time purpose. Furthermore, through the services of Scrape IT, one can easily get a wide range of data that may include lease data, real estate data, pricing data, or any kind of tabular data.

Wrapping It Up

There are many more service providers for web scraping. In a nutshell, it is better to go for these services to save your precious time rather than scraping data manually.

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