5 Ways to Promote Your Website on Youtube

5 Ways to Promote Your Website on Youtube

Every minute, 300 hours of content are posted to YouTube. Almost any subject can be covered by thousands of videos. So, how can you promote your website on YouTube with key videos in this competitive environment?

Why do they pick you? How are they going to find you? If you're bringing this up, you're ahead of the competition.

The overwhelming majority of YouTube videos only have a few hundred views. However, once you understand how to advertise YouTube videos properly, you will get the kind of traffic that seems to be reserved for celebrities and major brands.

In this article, you will explore some ways to promote your website on Youtube and get more Youtube video views.  Let’s get it started!

5 Ways to Promote Your Website on Youtube

Do you buy Youtube subscribers? If yes, you must check out the other alternatives. Here are some ways to promote your website on Youtube and get more Youtube video views.

Promote it through Your Company Website

Your business site is an excellent place to share your video with your loyal customer base. Promote every new video in its own blog post, connecting to it or even integrating it.

Use Your Email List

Send a note and a link to your entire email list if you post a new video on YouTube. Indicate your latest videos in your email newsletter if you send one out on a regular basis.

Connect to Social Media Platforms

Address the latest videos in posts and news feeds, and have a connection to or insert them in the messages. For example, Facebook allows you to embed YouTube videos in your social media updates. Simply copy and paste the URL into your update, and Facebook will show the video in your Main Feed. While you cannot embed videos on Twitter, you can connect to them in your tweets. You can also "pin" YouTube videos to your virtual pinboards on Pinterest.

You can also use social bookmarking and news platforms like Reddit and StumbleUpon to boost your videos. When you share a connection to your video on these pages, you will expand your audience beyond your current consumers and social media fans. Moreover, keep in mind that self-promotion is also frowned upon on all of these pages, so do it as infrequently and strategically as possible.

Use Public Relations

Although most businesses target their advertising activities on the internet, conventional public relations should not be overlooked. This includes sending out a press release anytime you post a new or especially interesting video, as well as calling or emailing relevant news sources, such as trade organizations, magazines, and blogs in your field. Include a video attachment in your press statement so that online news sites can link directly from their analysis to your YouTube video.

Advertise on YouTube

If you can manage it, you can promote your videos on YouTube with Google's AdWords for Video platform. This, in turn, can help promote your website on YouTube.  TrueView advertisements, as they are known on YouTube, appear on the web, attracting new audiences and connecting back to the chosen video or the YouTube channel page. TrueView advertisements, like standard AdWords text ads, are pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements. As a result, you just pay when someone taps on your ad.

Begin by connecting your Google AdWords page to your Youtube channel. Set a regular budget for the most you're going to pay in a day. Then, pick a video to use in your ad and the kind of ad you would like to run.

TrueView advertisements from Google come in four varieties. When customers scan for the keywords you specify, in-search advertisements come at the top of search results list. On the browsing pages for identical images, in-display advertising appears in the linked videos section. In-stream commercials are brief video announcements that appear at the start or end of other content. In-slate advertisements are commercials that appear before or after longer films.

You can start from as little as $1 a day, but how much you spend is entirely dependent on your budget. You can then select whether to tailor your ad using demographics and preferences or keywords. For in-search advertising, keyword filtering is often the best choice.

If your advertisement is live, you can use the AdWords Dashboard to monitor the success of your advertising, including the number of YouTube views. You will need to adjust the strategies and potentially generate new advertisements based on the findings.

Why Use YouTube for Business?

YouTube is the world's most popular video content website, not just in the United States. It has become the primary form of entertainment, knowledge, and educational material for all.

In recent years, an increasing majority of advertisers believe that YouTube video output is the most successful for video marketing. Why do you use YouTube business services? Let's take a peek at the statistics:

  • YouTube receives 2 billion unique visits each month. 
  • 73 percent of U.S. adults use YouTube, and 90 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds favor YouTube. 
  • The United States accounts for 15.2 percent of all users on YouTube.
  • YouTube users stream over 1 billion hours of content every day, which is more than Facebook and Netflix together.
  • People who watch TrueView YouTube advertisements all the way through are 23 substantially more prone to visit or subscribe to the company's channel. Those that do not are still ten times more likely to carry out the operation.
  • TrueView YouTube ads boosts previous video impressions by up to 500%.


YouTube is one of the most effective platforms for taking the video content campaign to the next stage. As we have shown, this is a key way you can promote your website on YouTube. It allows you to reach a global audience while still increasing your local visibility. YouTube video marketing company assists you with creating high-quality, optimized videos so that you can reach your target audience and transform them. The YouTube advertisement department will also assist you in running strategic advertising strategies for improved targeting and better conversions while staying under the budget.  The last option to mention is that there is the option to buy likes for YouTube to help your channel ramp up faster.

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