6 Ways CEOs Can Increase Sales Productivity  

6 Ways CEOs Can Increase Sales Productivity  

Being a CEO is amazing since you get to manage your own business. However, no matter how terrific being a CEO sounds, it comes with heavy responsibilities as you need to ensure that your business is running smoothly and successfully each day.  One of the most crucial aspects in your business that you need to work on is to focus on how you increase sales productivity, as it determines your company's success. No matter how great you are with popularity and customer service, you'll not end with a victorious note if you don't have a great sale value.  

As a CEO, you need to look for ways to increase sales in your business as it'll help guarantee that you'll continue to run for years. With that, listed below are the ways on how you can improve your company's sales productivity:  

1. Gather Quality Leads 

If your business relies on your leads' turnover, it's essential that you assign your employees to gather as many leads as possible so that you'll be increasing your chance of getting customers. Ideally, you should try to collect more than what you can handle, as not every lead will turn into a customer. With numerous people on the line, you can reach your daily quota or even exceed it.  

However, even if your business has acquired thousands of leads, you're only wasting your time connecting with them if they're of low-quality. Preferably, you should gather quality leads that have more potential of turning into a customer.  

For example, if you're providing a marketing service, well-established businesses are less likely to avail themselves of your services as they've already set their brand in the market. Your best shot is to go after start-up businesses that are still active and looking for ways to increase their revenue. In this way, you'd be increasing your chances of having customers and not waste your time with other non-potential leads. 

2. Establish Daily Goals 

When running a business, you know how sometimes employees can get slow and unproductive in the long run due to comfortability and boredom. While you want to eliminate your employees' downscale, you should establish their daily goals to keep them productive. 

A daily goal will enlist everything that they need to complete at the end of the day. This should help you manage your employees and see if they're doing their roles responsibly and aren't just sitting on their office chairs staring at their screen.  

With daily goals, you'd be sure that every employee is productive during working hours. They'd also be able to complete their tasks effectively that could help increase your sales. You can indicate their daily quota of gathering sales, answering customer supports, and more. Just ensure that you set realistic daily goals to keep your employees well in order to help increase sales productivity.

3. Optimize Onboarding Process 

When you hire new employees, anticipate that they'll not be able to perform their job immediately on their very first day, especially if you have a unique process. With that, you need to train your employees to know the ropes of your business. However, training your new employees can take quite a while, which can decrease your sales productivity.  

When hiring for a new employee, you expect that they'd be able to fulfill their roles as early as possible. But with prolonged and unorganized training, it can take weeks before they can provide good service.  

To speed up the process, you might consider optimizing the onboarding process to save time and allows the employees to be productive a few days after their first day. 

You should have a training day for new employees, and your senior employees should train them with the specifics and everything they need to do to fulfill their roles. You could also try to have a dry-run for their tasks to verify if they're ready to face real clients. In this way, they can immediately raise their concerns, identify what they need to do, and ultimately increase sales productivity.  

4. Keep Your Employees Happy 

One of the most effective ways to improve sales performance is by treating your employees well. With happy employees, they'd be more motivated to work for your business and would try their best to provide the most outstanding service.  

When an employee isn't happy working with you, don't expect that they'll be giving their A-game or be self-motivated to increase sales productivity as they already have no interest in improving your business and might even start looking for other companies that they could work with after yours.  

To keep your employees happy, ensure that you set realistic expectations, give out motivations, and avoid over-working them. If you're receiving plenty of customers that your employees cannot handle, you might want to consider hiring additional staff to lighten up their workload a bit. You can also add recreational activities in your office where they can relax and take a few minutes off to get the stress out of their system.  

6 Ways CEOs Can Increase Sales Productivity  

5. Align Your Sales And Marketing Team  

When your marketing and sales team work separately, they won't produce the best result as they might be working blind. It's essential that you allow both teams to communicate with each other. This will enable them to know which areas they lack and where to improve; thus, they can provide better quality outputs.  

As a CEO, you should give your sales and marketing team an hour or two every week to discuss and exchange ideas to improve their work quality. If possible, you can allow both teams to sit side-by-side for easier communication.  

With your sales and marketing team working together, you can ensure that there'll be an increase in sales productivity as they'll be able to help each other with finding better leads.

6. Have a Scoring Framework 

Before your team starts making calls and sending emails to the gathered leads, you need to ensure that they're getting in touch with quality leads. This will ensure that they'll not be wasting time on clients who couldn't even afford your services.  

To help your team determine if the lead is qualified, you need to establish a scoring framework that states the requirements you need in a client to help them assess further if they'd be a good lead. You need to determine if the company needs your service and if they can afford it. Moreover, you can have a team further evaluate the appropriate requirements for the scoring framework. 

With a scoring framework, you can keep quality leads and increase your sales productivity by steering away from unqualified leads.  


Running a business can be challenging, especially when you need to manage different business areas, including your sales team.  

With the right strategy for your sales team, you'll be able to run a successful business. You just need to ensure that you're capturing quality leads and keep your employees happy to increase sales productivity so that they can continue to provide their utmost service for your company.

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