Vape Shop Owner? Don’t Sleep on These 5 Super-Profitable Products

Vape Shop Owner? Don’t Sleep on These 5 Super-Profitable Products

Being a vape shop owner in 2022 and beyond isn’t just about selling vape mods and e-liquids anymore. The industry is changing rapidly. Thus, consumers’ product preferences are changing along with it. If you don’t evolve by carrying the products your customers demand, you’ll be left wondering what happened. Especially, when your customers desert you and start buying their vaping supplies from a competing shop instead.

You’ve probably already begun to notice the changes in the industry because you’re most likely finding that your vape shop wasn’t as profitable in 2022 as it was in previous years. Until now, bottled e-liquid has probably been your biggest source of profit. People don’t buy vape mods all that frequently. When they do buy them, you don’t earn a great deal of money. The wholesale prices for e-liquid, on the other hand, are very attractive. After all, the vapers need to buy e-liquid constantly.

In 2022, though, people began switching to pre-filled disposable vapes – and other types of nicotine products – in droves. Suddenly, bottled e-liquid isn’t as relevant as it once was. That’s the first issue you’ll need to address as you work to stock your vape shop with more profitable products.

Disposable Vapes

Over the past year, top vape shops like V2 Cigs UK have seen their business models shift drastically. Especially, as consumers have begun buying disposable vapes like Elf Bar in massive volumes. If you’ve been in the vaping industry long enough, you probably remember the terrible disposable e-cigarettes that were common during the industry’s early years. Thus, you might have avoided stocking disposable vapes in your vape shop as a result.

At this point, though, it’s time for you to reconsider because the shift toward disposable vapes looks very likely to be a permanent one – at least until the next big thing comes along. Disposables have brought millions of new former smokers into the vaping fold, and people who quit smoking with the help of disposable vapes generally have little interest in using any other type of vaping device.

Disposable vapes also appeal greatly to people who have already switched to vaping because of their convenience and incredibly low cost. A modern disposable vape delivers as much nicotine as several packs of cigarettes and can actually be cheaper than any other type of vaping device if it’s used in moderation.

CBD and Hemp Products

If you think that the vaping industry is enormous, it’s nothing compared to the size of the cannabis industry. The top cannabis-related websites receive millions upon millions of monthly visitors, and you’d be crazy if you didn’t want to grab some of that traffic for your vape shop. Moreover, legal regulations relating to cannabis have become dramatically more permissive in the United States in recent years. That’s in stark contrast to the draconian way in which the federal government has handled its regulation of the vaping industry.

When it comes to hemp-derived products, CBD is just the beginning. In most states, Delta-8, Delta-10 and many other cannabinoids are also completely legal. Cannabinoid products come in a wide variety of forms including vaped products, gummies and oral tinctures. Cannabis vaping products are perfect fits for any vape shop, but don’t sleep on the gummies and tinctures – they could help you expand your customer base to include non-vapers.

Alternative Nicotine Products

These days, vaping isn’t the only form of alternative nicotine consumption that’s helping people stay away from cigarettes. Companies have released a wide variety of other alternative nicotine products in recent years. In fact,  nicotine pouches, lozenges, and gums top the list. These are nothing like the foul-tasting smoking cessation products that drug stores sell. In fact, they’re not marketed as smoking cessation products at all. Instead, they’re marketed as alternative ways to enjoy the satisfaction of nicotine.

Today’s alternative nicotine products are typically made with synthetic nicotine rather than tobacco-derived nicotine. Since the manufacturers of these products aren’t seeking government approval to market the products for smoking cessation purposes, they’re available in a wide variety of tasty flavors. They’re also available in much higher nicotine strengths than traditional nicotine replacement products. This, of course, makes them more satisfying. Many former smokers – and more than a few former vapers – have switched fully to pouches. Thus, this is another alternative nicotine product as they’re cheaper and more discreet. They’re great products to consider adding to any vape shop.

Accessories and Replacement Parts

If your vape shop primarily stocks vape kits, e-liquids, and replacement pods and coils, you’re missing out on the most profitable products of all: accessories. Vape kits aren’t particularly profitable. Whereas, pods and coils have become so expensive over the last couple of years. This means they aren’t nearly as profitable as they once were either. Accessories, however, will always be incredibly profitable.

When people need random replacement parts like glass enclosures, charging cables, and silicone gaskets, they need them immediately. This is because a single broken part can prevent a vaping device from working at all. You can charge any semi-reasonable price for a required accessory, and people will pay it. Make sure that your vape shop always stocks all of the necessary replacement parts for the vape kits and tanks that you carry like Vape Super Store.

Dry Herb Vaping Products

If you’re going to carry hemp-derived products in your vape shop, why not go all the way and carry dry herb vaping products? Although dry herb vaporizers are most frequently used by cannabis aficionados, it’s important to keep in mind that they can also be used with loose-leaf tobacco. If the FDA eventually bans all flavored e-liquids, people are going to want alternatives. Especially ones that don’t involve returning to smoking. For many people, vaping tobacco might turn out to be the next best thing.

Remember that, just like with vape kits and tanks, selling dry herb vaporizers isn’t just about selling the devices themselves. Rather, it’s also about the accessories. Vaporizers require an enormous variety of accessories. This includes, glass stems, screens, capsules for pre-ground herbs, charging cables, cleaning kits, and more. By carrying all of the available accessories for the vaporizers that you sell, you’ll soon find that the dry herb vaping market is an extremely profitable one to enter.

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