Using Offline Marketing Methods to Improve Your Online Presence


Using Offline Marketing Methods to Improve Your Online Presence

With so much emphasis being put on digital marketing today, it can be easy to forget all about the tried and tested offline marketing methods of the past. However, whilst flyers, banners, business cards and posters may be less effective on their own in a world of Facebook and Twitter, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t rule them out altogether.

In fact, when used with the right strategies, you can channel the power of offline marketing to grow your online presence and create more digital visibility for your brand. Here are some of the best ways to use offline marketing methods to improve your digital marketing results.

#1. Flyers:

Handing out flyers may seem to be a marketing strategy of the past, however, it can still be a very effective method of generating more interest in your brand today. Even in the digital age, where almost anything can be done from behind a laptop screen, potential customers still want to get in touch with the ‘human’ side of a brand; this can be easily done when handing out flyers since it is the perfect opportunity to have a conversation and learn more about your target audience. Be sure to include information concerning your website address and social media profiles on any flyers that you hand out. Use these business flyer templates to put together an appealing design.

#2. Business Cards:

Many business owners wonder if there is any point in printing business cards, when they can share their information instantly using a smartphone. Business cards may be one of the older methods of marketing used before you could optimize your site for Google’s Local Search or become certified on Twitter, however, that doesn’t mean that their shelf life has expired. In fact, interesting, unique and creative business card designs can really set your small business apart from the competition and get your target audience talking, contrary to simply sharing contact details electronically, which no longer holds any novelty for many of today’s customers.

#3. Billboards:

Billboards may be on the pricier end of the scale when it comes to offline marketing, however, they are still a very effective method of attracting more interest in your brand. There’s a reason why you can still see so many billboards displayed in many town centers and cities today; they work well! Keep billboards simple and easy to understand on the go. Provide easy-to-read details of your web address and social media for any interested viewers to visit.

#4. Mail:

Direct mail tends to be used for either bills or packages these days, so sending somebody a letter has become a real novelty. In an age where it’s easy to get in touch with everyone you know with a simple click of a button, businesses are using direct mail less and less whilst contacting their target audience via social media, YouTube, or a blog. So, sending a letter could make your customers take notice. For the best results, personalize the letter and include an incentive for visiting your site, such as a discount voucher.

Do you use offline marketing to reinforce your online efforts? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.