Top Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Top digital marketing tips for small businesses

Small business owners can sometimes feel confused and challenged.  They feel confused as to whether they should invest in advertising vs marketing, and challenged as to whether they will be crowded out by the larger companies that are able to advertise across a number of channels at once, paying through the nose to draw in more consumers. For companies with multimillion-dollar marketing budgets, digital marketing can feel like a monopolizing joy, taking over web pages with well-designed and well-targeted advertisements. However, there are certain tricks of the trade to help small businesses punch above their weight in the digital marketing space and you’ll discover some of these listed below, to help you make a niche for yourself in the digital ad realm. Here are the top digital marketing tips.

Use Blogging

Creating a company blog might seem a little frivolous, but it comes with a number of huge marketing benefits that you shouldn’t overlook. For the price of hiring a writer and content creator to manage your blog, you’ll be able to draw in more business by:

  • Targeting web users with SEO keywords - helping draw in web traffic to your site
  • Share your insights and reflections on your products and services
  • Provide commentary on the industry at large, and where your company fits into it
  • Establish your brand narrative and character – something that can build lasting relationships with consumers

A blog is also something you can share across social media channels, boosting your content output and reach for free. And, if you’re able to follow some basic guidelines for web marketing, you may be able to achieve virality through your posting. You can make your blog go viral with certain smart insights from expert marketers – boosting your reach exponentially in the process.

Smart Social Media Use

Virality is generally considered to be generated by social media. Users of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can like, share and follow certain posts and threads; and it’s this networked sharing that can quickly boost your posts to have them seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

This is an arena in which smaller businesses actually perform better than larger companies in general; large, well-known companies tend to try to avoid the risk-taking that is part and parcel of creating a viral post. Instead, they leave it to smaller, more responsive and disruptive companies, such as your own, to design some knock-out content that may go viral to build your base of customers into the future.

Target Ads

The final tip for small businesses is a simple one: target consumers. The fire-from-the-hip, scatter-shot strategies operated by the larger companies of this world may work for them but they’re incredibly expensive and can often lead to wasted views and click-throughs. What you’ll be able to do, as a smaller, nimbler outfit, is target consumers you’re sure have an interest in trading with you.

There are a number of ways you can do this. You can pay for social media advertisements that show off your products to specific demographics, or you can pay a third party to help you build a programmatic marketing campaign that makes small bids in order to win advertising space based on the digital footprint of individual web users. Either way, you’ll be showing your business only to those consumers who might well become customers.

Digital marketing can work for your small business just as it works for the larger corporations – but you’ll need to bear in mind the above tips to make your strategy most effective.

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