Top Business Jobs for College Grads in 2023

Top Business Jobs for College Grads in 2023

In the post-COVID era, the employment market is changing rapidly. Today's graduates are seeking career paths that allow for independent work, and home-based offices. Furthermore, they look for the chance to maintain an enjoyable personal life outside of professional responsibilities. Jobs for college grads offer plenty of opportunities. Information technology, accounting, transportation, and marketing are just a few of the fields that are current favorites among job seekers. Especially, those who earned degrees in business or IT. While most new workers prefer to avoid reporting to an office, it usually takes a year or two before companies allow employees to do all their work from home. If you're spending the summer months in search of employment, consider the following career paths that begin with earning a four-year degree in Business Administration or Information Technology.

IT Specialist

It's no secret that the entire IT (information technology) sector is booming. Furthermore, it will continue to do so for at least a decade. What are new grads aiming to do with their degrees? The wise move for future techies is to major in programming and pick up as many computer languages as possible. A solid start is to learn Java, C++, HTML, Python, and at least two others. One of the newer sub-categories within IT is machine learning. This comes with its own set of skills and languages. There's still a high demand for more traditional digital skills. For example, front-end development for those who prefer to create websites. Or, cybersecurity for those who like the idea of helping businesses protect their proprietary databases, files, and customer information.

Transportation Fleet Manager

Transport companies are struggling to find qualified, educated applicants for many industry jobs, especially the fleet management niche. In addition to supervising drivers, creating routes, setting up computerized vehicle tracking systems, and making sure cargo arrives at the correct destinations on time, fleet managers perform numerous crucial tasks. From a job applicant's perspective, the position pays well. It also offers a direct path to upper management. Candidates who are serious about learning how to minimize expenses for a transportation firm via tools like GPS (global positioning systems), telematics, and dashcams should explore the career field.

It's important for future and current fleet supervisors to realize that technology as simple as GPS can serve multiple purposes for companies. This is because they provide 24/7 tracking of cargo, vehicles, and drivers. Job training for the position includes an in-depth study of how to create efficient routes, deal with drivers, use technology to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, and more.

Auditor for CPA Firm

Certified public accounting firms are in the midst of a golden age. More taxpayers and business owners are turning to professionals for help with accounting. This can include, filing returns, making budgets, managing their finances, writing estate plans, and building retirement portfolios. One of the traditional functions of professional accounting firms is the corporate audit. This is still a main part of the job for most entry-level workers.

The auditor career path begins with earning a college degree and passing a grueling, two-day examination. After landing a job with a firm, new hires embark on working for two years under the auspices of a licensed CPA. During this, they perform various tasks within the auditing process. At the end of that period, the individual applies for a license in the state where they work. Potential earnings are high, and there are multiple fields of specialty that a licensed CPA can pursue.

Marketing Coordinator

Marketing coordinators have been around for more than 50 years, but their job duties have changed significantly in that time. Nowadays, people with the coordinator title perform a wide range of tasks within the advertising, internet marketing hacks, promotion, and publicity field. Most corporations use the title for entry-level positions making them perfect jobs for college grads. However, salaries are often higher than average, and the career path offers conscientious individuals a chance to rise through the ranks. Marketing coordinators at construction companies write proposals for projects, interact with clients, and devise strategies for landing more contracts.

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