Top 6 Tips On Shipping Packages For Your Business

Tips On Shipping Packages For your Business

Whether you’re into e-commerce or also running a physical store at the same time, shipping is a vital aspect of your business. Before setting up shipping methods and rates, it’s important to understand the full cycle of shipping packages for your business including the calculation of shipping and fulfillment rates, based on the weight and dimension, speed of service, destination, and shipping volume. 

You should also make sure that each item is packaged properly to ensure it will be received by the end-user in excellent condition, preventing returns and establishing good customer relationships, just like how reputable companies like Stanley Packaging operate. There are many shipping packages that you can choose from, which will be discussed below. 

Here are six tips regarding shopping packages for your business:

1. Determine Your Shipping Options

Provide multiple shipping options to your customers. By doing so, you can attract more buyers as compared to a fixed shipping method.

Here are the different shipping choices available:

  • Next Day Shipping: As the term implies, next day delivery is shipping an item within 24 hours after placing the order.
  • Express Delivery: This shipping method involves receiving the item one to two days from the order date.
  • Regular Shipping: It’s the cheapest method of shipping, wherein the items will be delivered within four to seven days after placing the order.

2. Use Bubble Wrap

One of the best packaging options is bubble wrap. It is light, versatile, and durable, making it a shipper’s favorite everywhere.

Here are the important benefits of bubble wraps:

  • Excellent Impact Insulator: This material keeps ordered items safe and secure while in transit. Because freight transit usually includes rough handling, shippers can protect goods using a bubble wrap with sealed air, providing a flexible and durable cushion. It comes with a sturdy barrier to protect goods from impact. Layers of bubble wrap can be combined with a durable shipping box to protect items from severe impacts.
  • Reusable: Another great thing about bubble wraps is that they’re reusable unless they’ve been damaged. They’re a more environmentally friendly packaging option, offering high-cost savings.
  • Versatile: Bubble wrap has the ability to insulate any small cargo. It can also be cut into almost any form, protecting oddly-shaped cargo.

3. Put Greater Emphasis on Aesthetics

Properly packaging goods is one way to emphasize your brand’s aesthetics. Here’s how you can go about it:

  • Use custom bags, boxes, and labels.
  • Choose the right concept and color scheme.
  • Print your company logo on packaging tapes and boxes.

4. Choose Relevant Packaging For Your Products

It is important when shipping packages for your business to choose packaging that’s aligned with your offerings. If you’re selling liquids or porcelain and glass items, they need extra protection, ensuring that they reach end-users in excellent condition These items need more durable padding, most especially on the interior of the package. 

5. Choose Easy-To-Open Packaging

Make sure that your packaging is not too difficult to open; otherwise, it can damage the product or frustrate the receiver. Using easy-to-open packaging helps increase repeated purchases.

Here are packaging tips to ensure that opening one won’t be a hassle:

  • Use airtight plastic seal 
  • Provide a ‘Tear Here’ tab
  • Place directions on the product packaging

6. Observe How Your Competitors Package And Ship Items

Don’t hesitate to check how your competitors package and ship their items that are similar to yours. Remember, the greatest form of flattery is imitation, so why hinder yourself from knowing how your competitors do their thing?  Of course, you don’t have to exactly replicate their tactics. 

Check the following good reasons why you should observe how your competitors package and ship their items:

  • Become more inspired to improve your packaging, both for domestic and global shipping.
  • Get good insights on making your shipping faster and more affordable.
  • Improve your sales and marketing tactics through shipping.

Final Thoughts

Shipping packages for your business needs to ensure that items reach their receivers in excellent condition.  If you import goods, you also need to plan ahead on product arrival times so you can be sure you can plan delivery times accurately. Use your creativity and resourcefulness to incorporate your brand into your packaging, which could further boost your brand identity and reputation. Also, you can be more creative and motivated to improve your packaging by checking how your competitors' package and ship orders.

Also, make sure that you choose a packaging that’s easy to open and suits the nature of your products to avoid items from getting damaged, as well as keep customers from becoming irate.

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