Top 6 Marketing Tips To Grow Your Water Damage Restoration Business

You've probably heard the myth that growing a business is difficult. Well, the allegation may not be entirely true. Anyone can start and grow a business successfully if they apply the right marketing tips.

Every business goes through multiple growth phases like a natural person. There is the birth of a company, development, maturity, decline, and death. However, unlike a natural person, you can stretch the longevity of a business at the growth stage if you understand the right marketing strategies.

Growth, in this case, implies increasing the sales volume for your water damage restoration company regardless of the current phase. The stage of your business shouldn’t be a hindrance to your growth. You only need to understand some simple, proven marketing tips to grow your business. Here are six practical marketing tips to help you grow your business:

1. Establish A Lead Magnet

Creating a lead magnet is one of the most effective strategies to grow your water damage restoration business. The best way to establish a lead magnet is to research the specific pain points and present the solutions to your target customers the way a company like Summit Cleaning & Restoration does it via newsletter offerings. An appropriate lead magnet will increase your sales when introduced to the right audience.

You must ask yourself, "What challenges do consumers who seek cleaning services and water damage restoration have?" Once you understand the challenges consumers who seek your services face, you can build a solid lead magnet.

A lead market is an incentive a business offers customers visiting their websites in exchange for contact information such as email, location, or phone number.

Your business should give the incentive at no cost, mainly in the form of a downloadable PDF document. You can also find out how to link a PDF and share it in an online form. Therefore, you should create a powerful lead magnet that addresses the pain points caused by water damage.

For example, your lead magnet should address how stagnant water trapped in a block can deface the walls and weaken the foundation. You should explain why getting rid of trapped water and proper cleaning will help prevent the growth of molds and restore the apartment to its former state. A lead magnet should be detailed. After all, you're addressing the pain points of your target customer. Therefore, you should describe how you’ll solve their problem.

2. Create Informative Video Tutorials

One of the proven ways to market a business is by creating informative and compelling video tutorials on your services. There’s a reason why YouTube is the most visited website after Google. People worldwide visit YouTube because they lack time to read instructional manuals and digitally printed materials. People would rather spend a few minutes watching some visual aids than countless hours trying to understand a typed tutorial.

It’d be best if you made their lives easier. You can create short videos on your website and make your content as informative as possible. You may start by presenting the problem. The problem could be the extent of water damage at the site where you are working or the challenge of restoration to a former state. You can then proceed to the challenges, such as the skills and tools required for the job.

Potential customers seeking your help may not have the necessary equipment to do it themselves. Therefore, this should be the appropriate opportunity to display your work tools. Customers need assurance that the company they’re contracting for water damage restoration services has invested in the right equipment to complete the job perfectly.

3. Start And Run A Blog

Your water damage restoration business could be the best in the market. However, you can't grow your brand without running a blog dedicated to your services. Using a blog is one of the best marketing tips you can use to grow your business.

You could miss out on potential customers if you don't have a blog. To drive sales, you need to run an authoritative blog that’ll educate potential customers about your services. The good thing is that you don't have to do it alone. You can hire third parties to manage and professionally run your blog. The search engine acts like a road leading potential customers to their destination. A blog acts like a signpost directing potential customers to your services.

marketing tips to grow restoration

4. Take Advantage Of Social Media

It’d be best if you took advantage of the social media platforms at your disposal. The good thing is that, unlike creating a website, creating a social media account is free. Some businesses have exceeded their growth target by relying solely on social media. Having a social media account with social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and recently, TikTok is a good starting point.

Creating content for specific social media platforms is one of the most effective ways to grow your water damage restoration business. For instance, if you have a Facebook account for your business, you can start by posting DIY video tutorials or showcasing the kind of equipment you have used to do the seemingly impossible.

On Instagram, you can create comical and immersive content to draw the viewers' attention. You may start by posting short reels of how fast your cleaning services are. You may also post short videos showing "before" and "after" states. Apply different strategies to different social media platforms to get the desired results.

The good thing is that you can hire a social media account manager. You can then concentrate on other business operations. A social media account manager will help you develop content for different social media platforms and help you reach more customers without spending more on paid social media ad campaigns.

5. Invest In Search Engine Optimization

Damage restoration companies make money when they sell services to targeted customers. Globally, people rush to the internet to find quick solutions to their problems. You must be visible on the internet. Your businesses must establish a dominant presence in Google search results to trap the attention of potential customers. The online marketplace is becoming more competitive than ever. Hence, the success of any online business depends on understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is a powerful tool that could transform your business into a multimillion-dollar company if you master how to use it correctly. SEO can intimidate you at first, but once you learn how to use it to market your services, there’ll be no limit to your business growth.

What is SEO exactly?

SEO describes the practice of increasing the quality and quantity, and traffic to a website through organic search engine results. Traffic implies that potential customers land on your website. The search engine algorithm tells them you provide quality water damage restoration services. However, quality search traffic implies that visitors to your website are genuinely interested in the quality of these services in your target demographic.

Quantity of traffic refers to the target audience clicking through multiple pages on the search engine. The more they are, the more your business stands out from the competition for a particular demographic.

Organic search results refer to Google traffic to your website at zero costs. Every website owner's dream is to have organic traffic as much as possible. Substantial organic traffic on your website is the epitome of strategic SEO marketing.

You don't have to do it alone. You can find a professional web content creator to help you navigate through SEO marketing using the right keywords. A content creator will help improve your website's rank in search results for better organic traffic.

How to Use SEO

The following are seven key SEO strategies that’ll boost your marketing efforts:

  • The URL leading to your website or blog should be SEO-friendly. Use accurate phrases to describe your water damage restoration service.
  • Ensure titles on your website or blog pages should start with a keyword embedded in the URL.
  • Add appropriate keyword modifiers to the titles on your content to yield specific long tail keywords.
  • Place enough multimedia content on your website to draw the attention of web users.
  • Include specific keywords related to your services in the first 100 – 160 characters.
  • Use a responsive UX for computer, tablet, and smartphone visitors.
  • Your website should use outbound links to authoritative websites in your industry.

6. Partner With Influencers

Successful businesses now partner with influencers to market their products and services. These businesses understand the evolving nature of the global business marketplace. They spend millions of dollars on celebrity endorsement deals to increase visibility. Corporations now partner with influential personalities to reach out to potential customers in exchange for monetary rewards.

You can also do it. Don't let the ridiculous fee charged by influencers with the highest number of subscribers on social media discourage you. The goal is to find an influencer in your niche. The real estate industry is the target customer for your cleaning and water damage restoration services.

It’d be best if you partner with an influencer in the real estate industry. The influencer doesn't need to have many followers. If the influencer caters to the real estate industry, then they should be your best choice.


Growing any business can be easy when you understand the right marketing strategies. The internet has increased the opportunity for business exposure to potential consumers everywhere. However, the opportunity presents another challenge of overcrowding.

Therefore, for your water damage and restoration business to experience growth, it must be visible to more people in the targeted demography. That's why strategic marketing using a lead magnet, creating informative tutorials, running a blog, posting on social media, understanding SEO, and partnering with influencers may be the silver bullet needed for your business growth. Use these marketing tips to grow your business and build a successful brand.

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