Top 4 Mistakes Many Entrepreneurs Make and How To Avoid Them

Top 4 Mistakes Many Entrepreneurs Make and How To Avoid Them

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job by any means, and people do not start a business expecting smooth sailing from the start. From the time you started thinking about starting a  company until the time you opened the doors, you have already put in countless amounts of hours doing paperwork, getting certifications, and inspections. But, this is just the start of your journey.

Many new and older businesses have made mistakes that cost them a lot of time and money and lost many clients. If the errors are severe enough, it could have damaged their reputation to the extent that caused them to lose their business. There is no reason that you have to learn from making your own mistakes instead of learning from the mistakes others have made before you.

We have created a list of the top four mistakes entrepreneurs have made and how you can avoid them.

1. They Do Not Research, their Competitors or They Obsess Over Them

All businesses have competitors, which can be a healthy thing as long as it is handled correctly. If you learn about your competition, you can evaluate what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. In doing this, you can avoid making the same or similar mistakes that they did.

On the other hand, obsessing about your competition will cause you a needless amount of stress, leading you to make bad decisions. One of the first signs you can look for if you are obsessed with your competition is mirroring what they do or feeling bad if they achieved something you did not. If this is the case, look at your own business and figure out what you can change to improve your success.

2. Failing to Budget

Failing to make a budget means you do not know where your money is going or where it should be going. It is often easy to think that word of mouth or social media posts will be enough to drive customers to your business. While this may bring you customers, it should not be your primary marketing focus.

Spending too much money is another pitfall of not creating a budget. Many businesses get their business credit cards and then start spending it on unnecessary items such as the best chairs, highest-priced desks, and other things that can wait. Currently, at least 29 percent of companies fail because they ran out of cash. Ensuring your business has enough start-up capital is a mistake that you don’t have to repeat.

Overusing credit cards can lead to long-term debt with high-interest rates. This is the epitome of mishandling business money, and it’s ultimately why so many businesses turn to bankruptcy attorneys to get out of debt.  If this situation occurs, look for the best bankruptcy lawyer San Diego or in your area to assist.

3. Hiring the Wrong People or Not Treating Their Employees Well

When you are in a hurry to hire people, most of the time, mistakes will be made. You may not take the time to research their past employment or skip calling references. At the start of the business, you may be tempted to choose low starting wages over competent employees. This is a mistake you will pay for many times over. Hiring a bad employee will cost you wasted time and can cause customers to leave or decide not to do business with you.

Another mistake businesses may make once they hire someone is not treating them well. Someone new in business may not even realize they are treating their employees poorly. The best way to gauge how you treat your employees is how much work you are giving them compared to others in the company. An overworked staff member will make costly mistakes, and their performance will suffer.

A few simple ways to ensure your employees are happy is by taking the time to acknowledge them; if you have meetings, include them and show the same amount of respect you offer your customers. A happy employee is a hard-working employee.

4. Expecting Instant Success

There is no such thing as instant success. If you look at the biggest names in business, you will find that it took them at least six years to be successful in general. Some people believe that others had instant success due to their age. But what they can not see is that they have been developing their talent from their youth.


Being your own boss is something many dream of but only some accomplish. Mistakes are part of the learning process and will help you grow. Unfortunately, there is not a list long enough to list all of the mistakes you are bound to make, but this list will give you a head start.

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