Top 6 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

With the advancement in the digital space, the use of digital marketing has grown immensely. Technological up-gradation has led to a revolution in the field of marketing strategies. Digital marketing has been one of the most successful tactics to grow your business and maximize profits.

Digital Marketing is used by every organization that seeks to build a prominent online presence. 

This brings us to one of the most important tactics of digital marketing- Email Marketing.

In today's competitive world, every business organization needs to build a successful email marketing strategy to achieve the set objectives. 

Most of the organizations are unable to achieve their set objectives as they fail to build a strong email marketing strategy. 

Email marketing mistakes can be a huge factor in determining the success of your organization. 

What is Email Marketing

Email Marketing Mistakes

Email marketing is the act of sending, usually to a group of individuals, a commercial message using email. Every email sent to a prospective or present client could be regarded as email marketing in its broadest sense. 

Email marketing aims to build a relationship with the existing and potential customers to make them come back again for your products and services. The role of email marketing is massive as it seeks to retain customers and educate them about the new updates regarding your products and services. Customers nowadays are more inclined towards opening those emails that can add value to their knowledge base.

But to be successful in making and implementing email marketing strategies you need to be cautious and avoid making mistakes. 

To take your email marketing strategies to the next level, here are the 6 email marketing mistakes to avoid:

1. Ignoring New Subscribers

Not greeting a new subscriber is the biggest blunder an organization can make. 

Welcoming a new subscriber is the first step in building a trustworthy relationship that every customer seeks. The potential customer has subscribed as he seeks to dwell more valuable information from you. But if you are waiting for your next newsletter to be the first mail then you are committing a big mistake.

An automated welcome email should be sent as soon as there is a new subscriber. 

A welcome mail has the highest open rate as compared to other mails. 

You should capitalize using the welcome mail and make the subscriber a potential lead and converting them into a customer.

2. Clear Call-To-Action

email marketing clear call to action

Whether you are speaking about a landing page, a blog post, or an email it is a must to have a call-to-action. 

Sending an email to a customer with only information and update will not be fruitful unless there is a call-to-action. 

To drive more leads and convert them into potential customers, it is necessary to have a clear call-to-action. 

The subscriber needs to be directed on a path to complete the sale and make him a consumer of your product. 

To do so you need to make your CTA clearly visible and easy to find. 

Also, the CTA should not include any vague words and be using more actionable words. 

Try to have the least number of CTAs. 

Having a higher number of CTAs can confuse the subscriber and harm your conversion rates. 

Repeat the CTA to make the consumer more aware of the opportunity.

3. Unprofessional Mail

unprofessional mails

Another email marketing mistake that should be avoided is sending a mail that looks unprofessional and amateur. 

No subscriber is going to get converted into a potential customer if the mail sent to him does not give out information in an efficient manner.

To make sure the mail looks professional enough to convert a subscriber into a consumer, the content of the mail should be grammatically correct. 

Avoid making any spelling mistakes as it gives a bad impression. 

Try to avoid using stock images. Instead, make images yourself. 

Before sending the mail to subscribers proofread it and try A/B testing to ensure that the mail does not have any errors.

4. Ignoring Mobile Users

ignoring mobile users

With the rise of technology, mobile phones have become one of the most used devices.  The use of mobile phones is not only limited to making calls but can do a plethora of things. In the busy schedules, people use mobile phones to read emails. 

It is necessary to see whether the mail is optimized for a mobile device.

Not formatting a mail for the mobile site will decrease your conversion rate as many people nowadays use mobile devices for business purposes too. 

The content should be kept in a single column and the images used must be no more than 600 pixels.

Before sending out the mail test it on the mobile apps. 

5. Similar Content

similar content email marketing mistake

Having content in your mail that is similar to other business organizations is another mistake that most of the business organizations commit. To be more impactful, you need to be unique and different and create an identity in the eyes of the customers.

You need to create emails that stand apart from those of your competitors. This can be done by making the email more personal. 

Not only will this help in conversion but it will also build a relationship with the subscriber. 

Use actionable and purposeful subject lines. 

6. Creating Bad Lists

creating bad lists email marketing mistakes

You need to be conscious of your email bounce rate and spam score. 

An email bounce implies that someone does not receive your email.  For many reasons ranging from typos in an email address, bounces happen to a receiver with a full inbox.

Email service suppliers are also paying attention to your bounces, and having a high bounce rate is poorly reflected in your company. 

Combining your list on a routine basis and removing any problem in email addresses is advisable.

Unlike bounces, spam flags happen when an email service supplier believes you're sending large amounts of junk mail, or a recipient marks your email as spam. 

Make sure that by tracking your efforts, your messages are not filtered out as spam.  For another resource on email marketing, check out this email marketing resource from Ignite Visibility.


Marketing by email is still alive and flourishing. 

Everyone requires to prioritize this. 

But some individuals are making mistakes in doing so. 

You may have just noticed after checking this guide that you are falling into that category.


About the Author

Abuzar Khan is a web developer, SEO expert, and the founder of SEO Basics. He has over 8 years of web development and SEO experience, working across various businesses.


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