TabSite releases new Drag N Build system for Easy Fan Page Management

TabSite, by Digital Hill, is pleased to announce the launch of a totally new and powerful Fan Page customization tool built with our proprietary Drag N Build system.

powerd_by_DnB.pngThe new TabSite fan page platform using Drag N Build gives Facebook fan page Admins the flexibility to simply drag a widget of choice into their Page Manager and customize the widget details.  All users with the Free Plan on up get the following suite of Widgets:

  • Content Widget - a full WYSIWYG Content Editor
  • Image Widget - Drag or upload images to your Image Tray, then drag them onto your fan page
  • E-mail Widget - Add a E-mail blast sign-up form using Constant Contact, Delivra, and MailChimp to build your e-mail list, capture sign-ups, and build leads

Paid plans add Custom Widgets including:  (see Plans for which tools come with each TabSite Plan)

  • Video Widget - YouTube, FLV Videos, and Vimeo
  • SWF Flash Embed Widget
  • Facebook Social Plugins Widget including "Like", "Share", and "Comments"
  • Twitter and RSS Widgets
  • PhotoShow Widget
  • <NEW> ProductShow Widget - More details coming
  • Code Widget - add custom html code, define CSS, other embeddable widgets such as Google Maps, Google Calendars, UStream TV shows, and more!


KEY LAYERING FEATURE: A totally unique feature of the new TabSite Drag N Build system unavailable anywhere else is the ability to layer the widgets.  This means you add a image, then easily add text on top of the image or add a image and then add a video inside of the image.  Similar to Photoshop, you can easily drag widgets up or down in the layering system to create just the right custom look you want!

This release is BETA so please note there is not full documentation out yet.  We just couldn't wait to launch this powerful new platform so we wanted to give you access right away!

See a screenshot below for the view of the new manager area for Drag N Build tabs in TabSite:

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