TabSite: A Must-Have Flexible and Affordable Fan Page App

Facebook TabSite is a robust fan page app that gives you a lot of 'bang for the buck'. 

With a CMS WYSIWYG Content Editor, image uploader, and ability to implement your Blog, YouTube Channel, and Twitter feeds into sub-tabs, this is a great do-it-all tool to customize your fan page.  Below is a recent post from the TabSite blog on the new YouTube and Twitter Feed options...


Facebook TabSiteFacebook TabSite is pleased to announce the rollout of a new TabSite feature allowing you to connect your YouTube and/or Twitter feed and have it displayed on a TabSite sub-tab within Facebook.  Now you can simply create a new TabSite page, choose YouTube or Twitter feed as the Page Type, paste your feed url, and you are on your way!


Facebook TabSite Feeds

Available to Standard and Pro Facebook TabSite users, this new feature adds tremendous value to your fan page, enabling you to provide your Twitter and YouTube feed within your fan page, and adds another feature to the growing list that helps set TabSite apart as the most flexible and easy-to-use Fan Page customizing app.  This new feature also allows for placement of a custom title and header with an easy-to-use WYSIWYG or HTML editor.  Display Graphics or a custom message to your TabSite visitors.



Facebook TabSite provides limitless options to fan page administrators, all without needing to know any HTML/FBML code through the use of a simple WYSIWYG Content Editor.  Look for more valued-added features from Facebook TabSite in the near future, and see a live example by visiting our blog on Facebook at


Click image below to go to the TabSite fan page and see this new feature live in action!

Warsaw Painter

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