Settlement of Personal Injury Claims: Pros And Cons

Settlement of Personal Injury Claims: Pros And Cons

Many injured victims feel overwhelmed after an accident. When the other driver in the accident acts negligently, they need to be held accountable for the injuries and damages they caused. Unfortunately, pursuing a personal injury claim is not always easy. The insurance company will try to avoid paying on the claim, but injured parties must remain diligent.  Read on to learn more about the settlement of personal injury claims.

Should Injured Victims Take the First Settlement Offer?

Injured parties usually attempt to file an injury claim just after an accident. The goal is to settle fairly and quickly, but problems can arise. Injured parties who need help with their personal injury claims should consider contacting Orin Cohen Law to schedule a consultation appointment.

Many injured parties may wonder if they should take the settlement offered to them by the insurance company. The bills are piling up, and the victim is out of work. Should they accept the settlement offer, even though it seems lower than expected? While it can be tempting to accept a quick settlement, this is not always the best decision for injured victims. They must weigh the pros and cons carefully before deciding.

The Pros of Filing a Claim with a Personal Injury Lawyer

Injured victims should never rush the process of settling their claims, but there are pros to settlement. Injured parties should consider the pros below.

A Lawyer Can Make the Process Easier for Injured Parties

Lawyers spend a lot of time learning about the laws and studying case precedents. It is wise to remember that the insurance adjuster is not working on the victim's side. Their agenda is to save their company money, and they will do everything possible to lower the payout. Insurance adjusters will sometimes deny claims.

Hiring a lawyer means having a legal advocate. The lawyer will work on behalf of the best interests of their clients. Accident lawyers inform their clients of what to expect from the process and act as advocates, working to protect the rights and best interests of their injured clients.

Accident Lawyers Remove the Burden of Injured Clients

Going through the process of filing a claim can be stressful for injured claimants. There are so many decisions to make and steps to take. The lawyer's goal is to take the burden from their clients' shoulders, allowing them to heal. With less stress, the healing process will go smoother.

Many injured victims do not know how to protect their rights or how to start the process. They may have a lot of unanswered questions. However, personal injury trial law experts will be able to work with their injured clients throughout the process, ensuring they understand all the steps that happen. Lawyers guide their clients in making advantageous legal decisions that will advance their cases and allow them to get the settlements they deserve.

What Are the Cons of Filing a Claim?

There are pros and cons to every action. Filing a lawsuit is not the least stressful option but may be the best way to settle a claim fairly, especially if the insurance company is not offering fair settlements that reflect the injuries and damages. The following are some cons of filing a lawsuit.

Extra Stress

The injured party may feel uncomfortable answering questions about the accident and their injuries. Some people feel overly stressed thinking about having to offer testimony in court. Traumatic accidents can be painful to discuss. Working with a compassionate lawyer makes the process easier and removes some of the stress off the shoulders of the injured party.

If the injuries occurred by the actions or negligence of someone the victim knows, the victim may hesitate to file a claim. It is important to note that the claim will be filed against the insurance company and not the responsible party. Knowing this sometimes gives victims greater peace of mind, allowing them to pursue their claims comfortably.


Some injured victims may be concerned about the costs involved in hiring a personal injury lawyer. They may mistakenly believe the costs will be unaffordable. It is essential injured victims realize consultation appointments are often free for new clients. Injury lawyers will often offer contingency arrangements. Contingency arrangements mean the injured victim will not be forced to pay legal fees unless they win. If they lose, they do not owe their lawyer any money. Knowing there are contingency arrangements should set a victim's mind at ease.

Settlement for Personal Injury Outside of Court Is an Option

When people consider filing a claim in court, they may think they will have to go through a long process and multiple hearings. While this does happen, many personal injury cases are settled outside of court. It is vital for injured victims to consider all their options, including settling outside of the confines of the court. Consider the pros of settling outside of court below.

  • Settling outside of court is often faster, allowing injured victims to take care of their financial responsibilities and receive the help they need.
  • Injured victims can avoid trial expenses if they pursue settlement outside of court.
  • Those who become stressed about appearing in court will feel relieved they do not have to attend.
  • Injured victims will feel an increased sense of control because they can decide if they want to accept the offer or continue to negotiate.

While settling outside of court is not always possible, there are many other options. Meeting with a lawyer will give injured parties information that helps them pursue the right legal recourse.

Consider Scheduling a Consultation Appointment

Injured victims should not have to go through the settlement of personal injury process without legal guidance. Because of the many decisions and considerations, injured parties may need legal guidance.

Injury lawyers often offer free consultation appointments. Injured individuals should take advantage of these free appointments to help them get started on the process. Lawyers work to protect the rights of their injured clients and can often secure a higher payout than settling without legal help. There is no reason for people to go through the process alone when there is legal help available.

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