SEO for Law Firms: 6 Actionable Tips for Success

SEO for Law Firms

Digital marketing isn't just a niche for e-commerce and bloggers anymore. Law firms and other small businesses have to take note as well, seeing as much of the sales that businesses attract come from a starting point online.

Whether you're trying to reach a broad audience or just improve your traffic locally, we have some tips on SEO for law firms.

We're going to cover some of the basics as well as some more specific information, so you'll get a well-rounded take on what law firms should be doing to boost the quality of their SEO.

SEO for Law Firms: 6 Steps for Improvement

Let's begin with the basics. Keyword research and content creation are two pieces that are crucial for every business's SEO, so we'll start there.

1. Keyword Research and Optimization

Keyword research requires that you peek behind the veil of search traffic and see what your users are looking for online.

Identify the keywords and phrases that are most popular among the target demographic you're looking at. Look for something that's popular and has yet to be heavily optimized for by other sites. That way your posts don't have to compete with those of other, more popular sites.

2. Content Creation

Once you have your key terms, you should create content that is based around those terms. Researched keywords are good because you know users are interested in the topic and they provide you with a solid foundation for content.

Simply ask yourself why users are searching that keyword or phrase and answer the question in the content you're producing.

3. PPC Marketing

PPC marketing is the process of using platforms like Google or Facebook to advertise to very specific groups of people. If you know that you'll be providing services to a specific demographic in your area, you can push advertisements to those individuals through PPC.

PPC stands for "pay-per-click," and only costs you money when users engage with the advertisement. You get exactly what you pay for and you can place your ads exactly where they need to be.

4. Social Media Presence

It may seem wrong for a credible business like a law firm to utilize social media pages, but this is simply untrue. Most people do research, gather information, and communicate through the medium of social media.

Take advantage of this fact and gather a sizeable following in your area. That way, when users see your content, they'll be driven to read it and contact you when they're in need.

Social media is half about building a name, half about providing an easy way for clients to communicate with you.

5. Focus on Local

Don't try to optimize to huge audiences if you're a small business rooted in a particular town. There's no sense of rising to the top of global searches if your key demographic is located in the area surrounding your building.

Focus on local keywords and do a better job than your local competition. Local SEO is competitive and extremely lucrative. Getting to the top of your clients' "lawyer near me" searches will bring you a lot of foot traffic as well as web traffic.

6. Consider a Professional

Sometimes SEO seems manageable but turns out to be a great deal of work. It's difficult to research terms, create content, check metrics, and continue to do so long enough for results to happen.

Check out sites like to get information on what an SEO agency for law firms can do.

Get Started Soon

SEO for law firms is a new and unexplored topic for a lot of law firms. It's likely that your local competition is sleeping on their SEO.

Get started on it now and establish your spot at the top of your town's local searches. If you feel like you need some more information, explore our site for the ideas and inspiration you need.

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