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Review of 600 is a free Twitter and Facebook community manager that help's users and businesses grow their followers with tools that streamline social media management. Here is a review of the app and some of its features.

Relationship Management

The app's dashboard give you quite a bit of information. We'll start by looking at one of the most useful features, the prioritized feed. To get to the feed, click the "community" tab at the top of the screen. The prioritized feed will show new followers and any tweets that you were mentioned in and may need your attention and response.

This prioritized feed is very helpful because it instantly shows you what needs a response. You don't have to waste time clicking through notifications because everything is right there in the feed.

Community Features

To the left of the prioritized feed, you'll see another "community" button. When you click this, a menu will drop down with several items. Each of the items on the list of followers has been specially categorized and prioritized into lists. For example, your "new followers" list will be prioritized by the number of engagements you have with that account and by how influential those accounts are. Accounts that don't follow you back and are low-influence will be put in the "consider to unfollow" list so you can unfollow them and focus on accounts that are influential and engaging with you.'s lists make it very easy to prioritize your social media interactions. You don't have to do the research to figure which accounts you want to engage with or waste time clicking through notifications. All of the information you need is listed right at your fingertips.

High-Value Members

While the community lists are prioritized more by actions, the high-value members lists are prioritized by the relationships you've developed on social media. High-value members are categorized into influencers, supporters, and engaged members. These lists are very valuable because they give you a chance to reach out directly to the people who have been most active with you. You can also view the conversations you've had with any of the accounts on the list by clicking on them. Which will help you remember the kinds of conversations that have been successful in the past.

Suppose, you have breaking news about your company to share with bloggers or journalists that you've spoken to in the past. Instead of searching for those accounts, they'll pop up on your high-value member lists, making it easy to reach out, and reference any past conversations you've had.


Monitoring's monitoring tool allows you to enter any terms you want to keep an eye on. You could enter your business name, website, and hashtags related to your business or products. Monitoring terms related to your business can be helpful for reputation management. The terms you choose to monitor will show up in your prioritized feed whenever they're mentioned.

The app can be a very helpful social media management tool because of the streamlined information it provides. The amount of information can be a little overwhelming initially, but once you understand the categories and lists, it can be very useful for getting the most out of your social media marketing.

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