Repercussions When You Get a Drunk Driving Charge

Repercussions When You Get a Drunk Driving Charge

There are many repercussions to getting a drunk driving charge. Some of them include having to pay higher car insurance rates, possibly going to jail, and having your driver's license suspended. If you want to know what the rest are, read ahead.

1. Suspended Driver’s License

Expect to have your driver’s license suspended for up to a year. Not having a license can affect your job. You might not be able to commute to work as easily as you did. So, you could end up losing your job.

Once you have your license back, you won’t be out of the woods. You would need a breathalyzer installed on your car. Only when you breathe into it and have a lower than specified blood alcohol level would your car engine start. In case you’re wondering, yes you would have to pay for the breathalyzer yourself.

2. High Insurance Rates

Car insurance after DUI can be very expensive. Insurance companies would see you as a liability. So, this wouldn’t be a surprise. In case you’re wondering how much the rates would increase by, expect them to double or even triple.

3. Possible Jail Time

You likely won’t face any jail time if you’re being charged with your first DUI. But there is an exception. You could get hit with a prison sentence if you caused property damage or injured someone. In case this is the situation you’re in, look for an attorney for DUI charges. You could face up to a decade or two behind bars otherwise.

4. Pay a Fine

You’ll have to pay a penalty fee to the court. Depending on where you live, this fee can be a lot, especially if you caused property damage while under the influence.  This might be another reason to get an attorney, as you would be able to fight the amount that you have to pay.

5. On Your Permanent Records

DUIs are on record forever. As you can imagine, this can cause all kinds of problems. Potential future employers would easily be able to access these records and then think twice about hiring you. The drunk driving charge can also affect your chances of getting a visa abroad; security checks would be done on you beforehand.

Final Thoughts

Considering all of the points that were run through, what do you think? There are quite a few setbacks that you will face when you are charged with drunk driving. One of the biggest is that you could go to jail if it is your second or third time being charged with driving while under the influence.

Also, you would have your license suspended for up to a year. Once you get your license back, you still won’t be able to drive easily. You would have to install a breathalyzer onto your car, and your exhaust would only switch on if you have a blood alcohol level that’s lower than a specified amount.

Hopefully, you found all of the points that were discussed useful.

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