Removing Vulnerabilities: Why it Makes Sense to Focus on Good Cyber-Security Measures

Removing Vulnerabilities: Why it Makes Sense to Focus on Good Cyber-Security Measures

Every business today needs to be proactive about cybersecurity, because coming up short in any way can be devastating. Some companies assume they will fly below the radar because of their size or industry, but that belief almost always proves mistaken.

When cybercriminals strike, years' worth of work and relationship building can be put in danger at a single stroke. Many companies end up multiplying the damage done with ineffective, misguided responses, which can easily threaten a business's very existence.

Fortunately, there are now ways to be sure of putting up a vigorous defense against digital attackers and responding appropriately thereafter. Companies like the one at regularly help businesses attend to important cybersecurity matters like those detailed below.

Preparation Pays Off

The first thing to understand about modern cyber-security is that ad-hoc responses are never sufficient. Even as long as 15 years ago, two-thirds of all businesses surveyed reported being targeted by internet-based attackers.

Things have gotten far worse since with criminals in some countries raising billions of dollars in ransoms and other ill-gotten gains every year. The only way to be sure of staying safe in such a hostile environment is to prepare for attacks well before they happen with world-class cybersecurity solutions like Irdeto.

That means respecting all the established best practices and having plans covering what to do if an attack should succeed. Organizations that have reliable, comprehensive backup systems in place, for instance, can shrug off certain attacks that would easily cripple others.

Prevention is the First Line of Defense

None of this means businesses should ever passively give in to digital attacks. Prevention is just as important as any other component of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, even if its effectiveness should never be assumed.

Businesses need to be sure that every system gets updated regularly, as leaving acknowledged vulnerabilities in place will always be dangerous. Many companies are always looking for ways to minimize their public-facing digital interfaces to present smaller targets to attackers, as well.

Detection Can Matter More Than Many Realize

One of the most shocking facts about the modern cybercrime environment is how many attacks go unrecognized for weeks, months, or even longer. Savvy attackers on guard against competitors will sometimes even set up shop within corporate networks before patching the vulnerabilities that provided them with access.

That this is ever possible at all is almost always because businesses do not invest in becoming equipped to detect attacks as and after they happen. That can easily allow intruders to turn what would have been a minor victory into a coup that can eventually bring an entire company down.

Cyber-Security Must be a Pressing Concern for Every Modern Business

Issues like these combine to make effective cyber-security mandatory for every responsibly run business. Taking preparation, prevention, detection, and response plans seriously is the only strategy that can possibly hold up over time.

Fortunately, companies do not need to struggle alone in the fight against today's increasingly determined cybercriminals. Businesses that do a good job of forming and maintaining strong partnerships tend to become the best equipped to square off against attackers online.

While it should never be taken for granted that any one attack will succeed, the odds of falling prey to one can never be reduced to zero. As such, even properly prepared companies need to act as though a damaging digital attack were always about to make business a lot more difficult.

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