Push The Button! Ways You Should Automate Your Marketing

Automate your Marketing

When we are looking to improve our business, and get more customers, addressing the significant flaws in our marketing strategy is one thing, but also, improving our productivity in-house is another. But what if we can blend the two together? When we are looking to improve our marketing, a lot of the problem lies in regular output. When we have to focus so much on promoting our business, significant tasks can fall by the wayside. But this is where automating processes can come in handy. Improving our marketing strategy and increasing our productivity can be all to do with automating our marketing processes. Marketing automation can double productivity, and it can give us the opportunity to focus on other aspects of the business but what are the best ways to automate your marketing?

Marketing Analytics

There are so many different components of an individual business in terms of its marketing that it can be difficult to find the right one to focus on. You spend a lot of time trying to get organic traffic or set up various CTAs, when you may also think about physically investigating analytics. The best thing that you need to do at the outset is to come up with a list of key performance indicators that are specific to your marketing goals. What you can then do is find the appropriate software. Marketing analytics can help you to track a digital marketing campaign in one dashboard, and there are numerous tools that can help you do this. Because we can spend a lot of time focusing on profit and loss, we have to start with KPIs, and then have the appropriate tools that can help us realize our vision.

Social Media Marketing

Part of getting organic traffic is about an engaging piece of content. Yes, we are still banging on about content being King, but when we try to churn out content on a regular basis, but it's not getting adequate attention, we may want to use third-party services that can schedule social media posts. The great thing about social media marketing is that we don't necessarily have to come up with new and exciting content every single day but it's about ensuring that we are making the most of the existing content we've already got. This means that while we can schedule social media content to go out on a regular basis, we can also make the most of the apps that can schedule auto-responses to specific requests from customers. A very good example on social media is the seller section on Facebook. And while it's important to keep coming up with great content, when we have an amazing idea, and it's only living as a blog, repurposing the content can also prove invaluable.

Inbox Filtering

Over an average day, there can be so many emails coming through into your inbox, the vast majority may be junk. It can be an incredibly exhausting going through every single email just in case you miss out on anything important. This is an absolute waste of time, but what you can do to ensure that you are keeping on top of these issues is automate your inbox. You can do this by setting up with an email service provider that does this, and hey presto!


CRM, or Customer Relationship Management software is a fantastic way to build on that relationship. Every single customer is unique, but what we end up doing is putting them into one specific group which can be a very impersonal way to market. There are fantastic CRM options that can help you to connect with various in-house processes, automate them, and maintain an important relationship with the customer so you are able to keep that one on one sensation that could get lost in the ether. Because when we start to market, we have to take a blanket approach to CRM as one of the great ways to help us claw this back.

Marketing automation in CRM involves using technology to streamline processes and integrate marketing and sales activities. Integrating marketing automation tools into the CRM system ensures a cohesive flow of information. Leads are captured through various channels, stored in the CRM, and then segmented based on criteria like demographics and behavior for more targeted messages.

Automated workflows, or drip campaigns, nurture leads through the sales funnel through relevant and timely content. The system tracks lead behavior across channels, including email opens, click-through rates, website visits, and social media engagement. Lead scoring and grading prioritize leads based on interactions and quality, aiding the sales team in focusing on high-potential leads.

Alerts and notifications are triggered when leads exhibit behaviors indicative of readiness to purchase, ensuring timely follow-up by the sales team. Personalization allows marketers to create customized messages and content tailored to individual leads using CRM data.

Marketing automation tools measure campaign effectiveness through analytics, tracking key performance indicators, including conversion rates and return on investment. Closed-loop reporting incorporates feedback from the sales team, enabling marketers to refine strategies based on insights into the customer journey and conversion patterns. Learn more about how a marketing automation consultant from Notice & Co can help.

Artificial Intelligence

Arguably the most powerful tool in automation. The vast majority of businesses have chatbots, and once upon a time, it was just a techy component. But now chatbots are ubiquitous in business and can really make a company improve itself, not just by improving its communication, but add an extra human touch. The great thing about this is that they don't go wrong, they don't spend time thinking about the response, or even take breaks! The great thing is that they are there to respond to customer queries, just as long as the systems are running.

Automation is such an integral component of any business, it needs implementing in numerous ways. As far as marketing is concerned, it can be invaluable and make a difference right away.


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