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Get Your Money Keywords with

To get Google to show your website on the first page of the search engine you need to publish new, relevant web content on a regular basis on your site. But if your content doesn't contain the words your audience searches for, they won't find you. The words people search to find you are your “money words”, your keywords that matter. is a web software that gives you the keywords you will want to target that don't require a massive effort to rank for in search engine results.

How Works

This invaluable SEO tool generates keyword lists with the search phrases that will get you to the top of the rankings. It focuses on long tail keywords with less competition. These offer good opportunities for your market, rather than shorter, far more competitive phrases.

By focusing your SEO efforts on these easier to target keywords, you have a better ROI. The time and money you spend writing blog posts with long tail keywords are well spent. Your website will rank higher, faster. Long tail keywords also give your site content that's extremely relevant to your audience's interests.

For example, when you create pages targeting the keyword "used cars", you have to cover a lot of ground since it's such a broad phrase. If you go after a long tail keyword such as "used SUVs for road trips," then you can tailor the content to your audience's needs.

Brainstorming long tail keywords can be difficult, especially when you're working in a new niche. removes the roadblocks that stand in your way with several helpful features.

Analyze Competitive Keywords

This service calculates how competitive keyword phrases are. You can look for a certain level of competitiveness and gain insights on how hard it would be to rank for a phrase. This feature allows you to spend your SEO budget in the areas that make the most sense.

Calculate Potential Profits

A unique feature offers is the profitability of a keyword phrase. It considers the type of site, Amazon affiliate niche site, eCommerce or Adsense-powered site and gives you an estimate of your results.

Export Lists

You can easily export your list of long tail keywords to use in your website analytics software.

Long Tail Bootcamp

Need a refresher course on SEO or are you just starting out? Your subscription to includes access to the Long Tail Boot Camp. It covers everything you need to know to effectively use the keyword lists it generates for your needs.

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