Looking To Hire a Copyright Lawyer? Read This First!

Looking To Hire a Copyright Lawyer?

If you create content and worry about protecting your work from being copied, you definitely require an adept copyright lawyer.

And it's not only about protecting your work. You could be an alleged copyright breacher or need help with litigation and dispute settlement.

Either way, a copyright lawyer is someone you need.

We have the top reasons why they could be an essential part of your company. Additionally, we include what questions to ask to ensure you hire the right lawyer.

Benefits of a Copyright Lawyer

They Help You Keep Your Ideas Unique

Everything online (and even offline) can be easily copied. This is especially true with creative content. Anyone can take a photo, use a snippet of music or any creative content from a website and legally exploit it to their benefit.

That is why it is crucial to hire a copyright lawyer to protect your work.

They can help you mark your work to show that it is protected. They will also provide clear advice on the different options available to protect the identity of your work. In addition, by retaining ownership and control over your work, you can claim legal claims against individuals that infringe on it.

While many people will recognize this infringement and immediately cease using it, others don't take the claims seriously. Your lawyer can help you settle such disputes and make sure your work is duly protected.

They Can Give You Expert Advice

As a business owner, chances are you may not know the nuances of copyright laws and how they differ around the world. Different countries grant copyright rights differently and enforcement in each country is as unique as the country itself.

Not understanding copyright nuances in your country can hurt your copyright claims and lead to the other person taking court action against you.

A copyright lawyer is well-versed with intellectual property rights and will assist you in settling such disputes. Their expert advice can help you avoid expensive mistakes and save time.

They Make Sure You Adhere To The Laws

In Australia copyright rights are protected by the Copyright Act 1968. As a business owner, you may not know that copyright rights in Australia differ from those in the rest of the world. It is imperative you know your rights in Australia regarding specific intellectual property or copyright laws.

Moreover, you may also not know the specific legal nuances in the Copyright Act of 1968, thus fail to adhere to the laws or interpret them wrongly.

This can cause your business legal issues and may lead you to try to enforce rights you do not have. For example, if you have a third party create text, video, or audio content, for you, it is important to know who legally owns the copyright rights in that work, before you attempt to enforce those rights.

Your copyright lawyer will provide advice on your ownership of copyright rights and provide you with a step-by-step plan where your copyright rights are infringed.

Now that you know the benefits of hiring a copyright lawyer, here are three important questions to ask while hiring a copyright lawyer.

3 Questions To Ask While Hiring a Copyright Lawyer

How Is Your Experience Relevant?

It's important to understand different copyright issues for different content types. For example, a copyright infringement can occur due to a video game, a blog post, or a music video.

These situations involve separate copyright expertise. Therefore, while hiring a copyright lawyer, make sure you ask them if their expertise is relevant to the copyright issue faced by your company.

What Sector Do You Specialise In?

Understand the requirement. Ask yourself - do you require the lawyer's help to protect your work, or is it about tackling litigation filed by another company?

These are two different cases and would require different expertise. Make sure you ask your lawyer what they specialize in before hiring them.

Consider hiring a lawyer for infringement matters, ensure you hire a lawyer with experience in litigation and negotiation skills. Not all lawyers are experienced in litigation.

How Do You Charge?

Ensure you know the fees involved. Not all lawyers charge the same way. There are two main types of billings:

Billable Hours

In this structure, the lawyer charges on an hourly basis (but in 6-minute increments). Make sure you get an estimate of the hours the lawyer will take to finish the task before hiring them or signing the contract.

Sometimes you cannot get an estimate, such as in cases of infringement, where it is not possible to know how long a task will take, or all the tasks required for litigation.

Flat Fee

This is a one-time payment that is made upfront. However, this may not include miscellaneous charges like application filing. Again, sometimes it is not possible to bill in this way due to the nature of copyright infringement and litigation.

Final Word

Copyright is a broad term and the rights protected under copyright are broad. There are many aspects involved in copyright. It is best to engage qualified copyright lawyers. They can streamline the process of copyright enforcement and save you costs.

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