JM Bullion Review: An Easy Way to Invest in Precious Metals

JM Bullion Review: An Easy Way to Invest in Precious Metals

Investing can be risky business. For some, the potential of amazing returns is enough to draw them in (regardless of the risk). However, not all investors are willing (or in a situation where they can afford) to take large risks. In that case, they often opt for more stable investments like precious metals!

Many different companies sell gold, silver, and other precious metals, but we’ll be focusing on a specific one in this review: JM Bullion! This company allows clients to make purchases, store assets, and even sell their precious metals with ease. That said, there are plenty of alternative services available, so is JM Bullion worth your time? Let’s find out!

A Brief Background

Although this JM Bullion review will soon prove otherwise, it’s important to note that this company didn’t always have the best reputation. Founded in 2011, JM Bullion began its journey by offering subpar services to dissatisfied customers. Thankfully, the company has turned itself around and was accredited by the Better Business Bureau in 2014. Currently, JM Bullion has earned an A+ rating from the BBB, and a 4.6/5 customer score. Although the company offers superior service these days, its services are only offered to customers within the US. This is its biggest weakness when compared to the competition.

Why Gold is a Worthwhile Investment

In the end, gold is nothing more than a pretty—albeit rare—metal. Gold’s true value isn’t in what it is; rather, its value comes from how society perceives it. Gold has been considered a precious metal for a long time, and this will likely continue to be the case for many years to come. As long as the public perception of gold is positive, the metal will continue to hold value.

It also helps that gold is a physical item. While public perception also affects digital currencies like Bitcoin, those are more susceptible to highs and lows than gold. Gold’s physical attributes help cement its value across the world, far more so than many other types of investments could ever hope to achieve.

The Purchasing Process

Now that we’ve gone over the history of JM Bullion and why gold matters, let’s get to the heart of this JM Bullion review: what does this company actually do? Well, there are a couple of answers to that question!

First and foremost, JM Bullion is a company that sells gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals. In addition to bullion, they also sell coins, jewelry, and bullets made from precious metals. For investors who want to avoid physical products, JM Bullion offers IRA, loan, and even buyback services. However, their primary service is the sale of precious metals. Purchases can be funded in a variety of ways, including:

  • Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)
  • PayPal
  • PayPal Credit
  • Wire transfer
  • Paper check
  • ACH transfer
  • Cryptocurrency (BTC, BCH, ETH, WBTC, DOGE, LTC, GUSD, USDC, PAX, DAI, and BUSD)

The JM Bullion website is fairly intuitive, making it easy to find the product(s) you’re looking for in just a few clicks. Creating an account is straightforward, and the service even offers free shipping for purchases over $199. If your purchase is under $199, JM Bullion will charge you a $7.99 shipping fee. For customer service, you can take advantage of email or phone support.

Storage Solutions

Being a physical item, gold—and other precious metals—can be susceptible to theft if you haven’t taken the appropriate precautions. While many customers who already own precious metals will likely have a safe, not all customers will be interested in getting one. If you fall into the latter category, not to worry: JM Bullion indirectly offers storage as well!

Buying gold online can be much more efficient than buying it in person, especially if you have storage arranged. Although JM Bullion doesn’t offer storage directly, they have partnered with TDS Vaults to provide secure storage for their clientele. Currently, JM Bullion customers receive their first six months of storage for free when storing over $3,000 worth of metals. TDS (Transcontinental Depository Services) has storage locations in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, and Singapore.

Additional Services

In addition to selling precious metals, JM Bullion also allows customers to invest in a precious metals IRA. This self-directed option enables investors to start preparing for retirement by investing in precious metals purchased from JM Bullion. The platform will also buy back metals from you, although it's worth comparing prices with alternative services to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.


Hopefully, we’ve answered most of your questions in this JM Bullion review! While there are plenty of alternative services available, we highly recommend JM Bullion for your precious metal purchases. Unfortunately, the service is only offered to U.S. clientele, which makes it inaccessible to some. Nonetheless, U.S.-based customers can take advantage of this platform, avoiding the limitations of in-person transactions with ease. If you’re ready to invest in precious metals, it’s easy to get started: simply click here to make your first purchase on JM Bullion!

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