Important Smartphone Safety Tips to Teach All of Your Employees

Important Smartphone Safety Tips to Teach All of Your Employees

Smartphones have become an incredibly flexible tool for business. From scanning credit cards to performing real work, they’ve become such a versatile piece of hardware that it’s difficult to imagine how many creative uses they’ll have in the future. But for now, smartphones are still one of the most widely-used pieces of technology in business. They’re cheap, they promote collaboration and they’re easy to replace.

However, there are still some safety concerns. Like any new piece of technology, it can be vulnerable or weak in the wrong hands, so in this article, we’re going to have a serious look at some of the most important smartphone safety tips that you should be teaching all of your employees.

When sharing sensitive information, make sure you take precautions

Whether it’s sensitive business data or private messages that shouldn’t be shown to the public or your competitors, make absolutely sure that you take precautions when privacy is an essential consideration. You don’t want to be accidentally leaking your details or conversations to public networks and you certainly don’t want messages with clients to be exposed to the public. Learning how to send sensitive information is an essential consideration if your business makes heavy use of smartphone devices.

Ensure that your business’s smartphones are installed with security software

There’s a surprising amount of security software available these days thanks to all of the competition. However, we’d still recommend sticking with tried and tested brand names that have a reputation for their solid suite of security services. There are usually plenty of free trials and even some free software that you could use. However, we highly suggest against using free software to protect your smartphone as it might not be very effective. You might also find enterprise pricing for bulk orders, making it a little more affordable if you have a lot of phones.

Being more mindful about your WiFi connections

Your office WiFi likely won’t have anything nasty lurking in it, but there’s a good chance that public WiFi spots will cause more trouble than they’re worth. This is because many of these connection points are unsecured, meaning that hackers may be able to intercept the network traffic that goes between your device and the router. This means that things you type and data you send can be stopped and copied or intercepted by cybercriminals. This is a huge security concern and should be one of the first things you teach your employees to ensure they don’t accidentally leak important company information into the public.

Hopefully, this article has shown you that managing your smartphone-related security concerns can be easy as long as you’re willing to put a bit of work into educating your staff. Of course, many of them should already know how to take care of their work phone (especially if they have a personal one) so a lot of these smartphone safety tips will just be reaffirming what they should already know. However, for people that haven’t used smartphones often, it’s a good idea to educate them on some basic safety tips.

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